Getting ready for baby | My favourite baby items

Hello, 30 weeks! I have no idea where those 7 months have gone. Over the last few months, I have been collecting baby bits, and I'm finally at the stage where I want to start organising it all. Nesting? I think so! With this in mind, I thought I would pop together a quick blog with some of the items I have collected. Some of the items are from lovely small businesses that I have come to love. Some things are well known, and quite a few items are second hand. I haven't included any clothing in this blog as most of what I have purchased has been second hand/nearly new. I'm planning on doing a separate video for those very soon. SLEEPYHEAD (brought second hand)

I had my heart set on a sleepyhead because it worked so well with Felix. Last time around, I borrowed one from a friend, and by the time I gave it back, he was outgrowing it, so I never brought my own. I found the sleepyhead so useful when he was tiny. The sleepyhead is great for daytime use and is a comfy place for baby to lie while you are getting jobs done. It's also great for taking to family and friends houses. Sleepyheads are pricey, so I brought mine second hand from Gumtree for £45 SNUZ POD 3 (brought new)

Ok, it's a luxury, but I have had my eye on this since the day I found out I was pregnant. It's one of the few things we brought new, and I'm so glad we did. The snuzpod is a portable wooden bedside crib that allows you to safely co sleep with your baby. I've never had a bedside crib before, but with two crazy boys climbing in and out of our bed, I thought it would be the safest option. It also looks lovely and can be moved around the house for day/nighttime use. The snuzpod 3 also has a reflux tilt which I'm sure will come in very handy! For more information, click here. GILDED BIRD CHANGING MAT


Once we found out we were having a girl, I was desperate to start filling her room with all things pink and floral. After two boys this was (and still is) a novelty. I had been eyeing up the Gilded Bird changing mats for a while and was thrilled to be able to pick out one of their floral designs. All of their designs are hand-drawn and carefully designed. You can check them out on Instagram @thegilded_bird and buy here on Amazon. MAMAS AND MINIS MUSLIN SWADDLES (gifted)

Both the boys loved being swaddled, so I was keen to find some lovely girly ones for this baby. Let me tell you, swaddles have come a long way since Felix was born! I've collected from a few different brands over the last few months, but the award for softest and best quality has to go to Mamas and Minis. Mamas and Minis just recently launched (although I've had my eye on their pieces since before that) and they offer a range of swaddle muslins and blankets. I did a massive wash of all the muslins I collected last week, and these two held their shape perfectly. The bunny swaddle will be coming with me in my hospital bag! You can find Mamas and Minis on Instagram by following the handle @mamasandminisofficial, and you can purchase their items here. BELLABABY DUAL BREAST PUMP (brought new)

Finding a high-quality breast pump was top of my list for this baby. I spent 6 weeks exclusively pumping for Felix as he was tube fed and then struggled on the boob when his tube was removed. I had a bit of a flimsy pump last time round so this time I wanted a hospital grade double pump without spending hundreds. The Bellababy dual pump has brilliant reviews on amazon and ticked all of my requirements. It's also a bargain at £40.99. For more information, click here. BELAMOON HALF MOON BREASTFEEDING PILLOW (won in a competition)

I've been going crazy for baby giveaways this time around. When I saw that the Belamoon breastfeeding pillow was part of a giveaway when I was just 12 weeks pregnant, I knew I wanted it, and I would have brought it had I not have won it. The BellaMoon Half Moon is a unique breastfeeding product for Mothers and babies who like to lie on their side to nurture and rest. I've never been a pro at feeding on my side, so I am hoping this will help! For more information, click here. THE LITTLE WAGON NURSERY PRINTS (brought new)

I love Etsy, and so it was the first place I looked when I started looking for nursery décor. We chose prints from thelittlewagon. You can find them on Etsy here. BELLY BASKET (brought new)

My husband laughed when I brought this, but I think it looks so good in the nursery. An Ebay bargain at just £6! It holds all of the swaddles and muslins I have been collecting. I plan on buying a couple more for baby toys and blankets. MAM BOTTLES (brought new)

I started using Mamm bottles when Marley was little, and I haven't ever looked back. They are brilliant for colic/reflux, and you can sterilise them in the microwave, which is super convenient. I brought the basic starter set, which also comes with a Mamm dummy. BUGABOO CHAMELEON 3 BUGGY (Brought second hand)

Just like the sleepyhead, the Bugaboo was something that I really wanted but wasn't able to justify buying new. After just a tiny bit of research, I came across a Bugaboo Chameleon 3 in almost perfect condition for a fraction of the cost. It actually cost less than most cost effective travel system brands new. So one Saturday morning, we trekked over to Dartford and picked up our buggy. We found ours on eBay, but I also found some great deals on Facebook market place and Gumtree. WRAP SLING (brought new)

The Mothers Cuddle wrap was another eBay bargain at just £13.99. I have an ergo sling already (see below). Still, I really wanted a simple 100% cotton stretchy wrap sling to wear baby in around the house and to feed. Not all babies love being carried (Marley hated it, Felix loved it) so I didn't want to spend a fortune. I am really impressed with the quality of this wrap. It also comes in lots of different colours. I chose dark grey so that myself and The Guilty Daddy can wear it. ERGO BABY SLING (an old favourite that's 5 years old)

I LOVE my Ergo baby, sling. It's seen 2 babies through long woodland walks and days of restlessness. I will definitely be using it for baby no3! So there you have it, just a few of my favourite baby items. I have lots of smaller things that I would love to show you all, do let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in seeing them. Don't also forget to let me know YOUR favourite baby buys.


The Guilty Mummy xxx