Feeling floral with Pink Blush

It’s official; my baby bump has popped. Pregnancy is a funny thing. The first 12 weeks you feel so bloated and pregnant, but no one else would really know. When your bump finally appears in the second trimester, it feels like a brilliant opportunity to try a new style and dress it up. But more often than not (and if you are anything like me) this is the time that your self-confidence takes a real knock. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but with each baby, I have found it hard to watch my body change. Because of this, I spend hours pondering what I should/shouldn’t wear. What will show my bump off nicely? What will make me feel good? What will give me a boost in confidence? So when Pink Blush approached me and said they would like to work together, I was over the moon. I had been looking at their website for a few weeks prior, and I had already fallen in love with their beautiful range of maternity clothes. As you guys know, I don’t jump at collaborations very often, but with this one, I did because I was already confident in their brand. If you have been following my pregnancy journey, then you will know that I have already tried a couple of items through Pink Blush, and I have shared them with you all on social media. First off I tried one of their denim shirts, and then I went for a pair of their signature jeans. I was so thrilled with both items, especially the jeans as they are SO comfy. But as the weeks pass by, I’ve been feeling the need to go a little bit bolder. I don’t know if it’s because I am having my first girl or because I’m feeling the need to feel feminine, but all of the florals have really started to stand out to me.

So I decided to be bold and try two floral designs. The first item was their Green Floral Chiffon Draped Front Maternity Kimono I think a floral kimono really shows off a growing baby bump. It can dress up the most simple of outfits, and it’s of course, super comfy. I have been adding my pink blush kimono to a white tee and jeans combo, and I feel really confident wearing it.

The second item I ordered was the Taupe Rose Floral Lace Trim Delivery/Nursing Maternity Robe I actually brought this with my hospital bag in mind. I want to fill my hospital bag with lots of comfy, pretty things, and as soon as I saw this, I knew it would be perfect. I was going to save it, but I couldn’t resist so I’ve been wearing it already. It’s super soft and really comfy. I’ve also got loads of growing room left in it. Isn’t it just so pretty!

I know I’m yattering on about maternity clothes, but you don’t have to have a baby on board to shop at Pink Blush. They have a beautiful women’s wear range, which is just as extensive as their maternity range. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping for orders over $50. I really am a massive fan of Pink blush, which is why it is such a delight to collaborate with them. They have already played a big part in helping me feel confident in my pregnancy body, and I am looking forward to using them throughout this pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Have you shopped at pink blush before? If so, what are your favourite items? Let me know. The Guilty Mummy xx The items showcased in this blog were #gifted as part of my collaboration with Pink Blush.