Our summer bucket list

It’s the summer of dreams! Well, for us at least. This will be Marley’s last summer before he starts school and my last summer with the boys before the baby arrives. With all these exciting changes ahead, I am determined to make some extra special memories over the next seven weeks. I’ve taken quite a bit of time thinking about things that will provide those lovely memories without breaking the purse strings. The summer holidays don’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to spend money every single day. I have included a few treat days within our bucket list below, but for the most part, these are things we can do without spending too much. I have included a mix of home activities and trips out. On the days where we spend money on “entry”, I will make the boys packed lunches/take drinks etc. So without further ado here is our summer bucket list. I hope you enjoy it! THINGS TO DO AT HOME 1. Camp in the garden

2. Bake and decorate a cake (of their choice) - For this activity I will look through some ideas online with them and let them choose which cake they would like to make. This will no doubt be super hard but it gives us a challenge!

3. Make an assault course - I usually do this in the garden with anything we have lying around. They love it!

4. Make a homemade lemonade stand for pocket money - We have not done this before but I think this project will keep us busy for a couple of days. We will have to make the lemonade and make sure we have got it just right before setting up a stall in our driveaway. The boys can make signage and decorations for the stall. Marley will be in charge of doing the "maths" whilst felix can help serve etc. I am sure we will only get a few takers but if they make 50p to buy a Freddo with they will be happy!

5. Movie Night

6. Clay flower impressions - lots of tutorials for this on Pinterest

7. Rock painting

8. Paint flower pots

9. Paint the garden fence with water - This is always a winner on a hot day.

10. Make homemade burgers

11. Have a water fight

12. Build a Den

13. Play dates with friends - hopefully we will be having lots of playdates so the boys can see their friends over the summer. DAYS OUT 1. Visit a Maise Maze

2. Go fruit picking

3. Paddle in a local stream with fishing nets

4. Visit National Trust properties (free if you have a national trust card)

5. Beach Day (hopefully we can do a few of these)

6. Alice Holt Forest (free entrance)

7. Go flower picking - we will just do this whilst we are on local walks.

8. Go on a scavenger hunt - I will print some scavenger hunts from pinterest :-)

9. Visit a farmers market

10. Go on a boat trip on the Thames (treat day)

11. London Day out (treat day)

12. Spend the day at a Lido or local splash park

13. Visit a nature reserve

14. Outdoor cinema experience

15. Find an ice cream parlour

16. Go on a bike ride

17. Climb a huge hill

18. Find some stepping stones

19. Visit a museum

20. Lizard Trail (Headley heath)

21. Mercedez Benz world (free entrance)

22. Spot deer at Richmond or Windsor Park

23. Ride a bus

24 Lavender fields I’m sure I have missed lots of possibilities out, so do let me know what you will be getting up to. Wishing you all lots of fun…..and luck……may the odds be in our favour!

The Guilty Mummy xxxx