Sweet Dreams with "The Dream Pillow" & "Sleepmaster"

Bad dreams. We all have them, even grown-ups have bad dreams sometimes, so we know just how scary it can be waking up from one. Over the last few months, Marley (age 4) has really been struggling with nightmares. He started to become scared of the dark and was convinced that all of his stuffed animals were going to come alive during the night. It’s a normal part of childhood, and something that I am sure is a direct response to their active imaginations and super absorbent brains. Kids take in everything, no matter how small and this can create some crazy dreams! So when The Dream Pillow contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out their product I was really excited to learn more. I looked them up, and the story behind the idea melted my heart. The Dream Pillow was “dreamt” up by seven-year-old Harper Miller. Her brother was suffering from nightmares, and she wanted to find a way to help him. She would encourage him to use his imagination to craft stories that he wished to dream. Harper then told her mum that her brother needed something real to cuddle and something to write or draw his dreams on to. The idea of the Dream Pillow had been born! Marley was kindly offered a choice of pillows. "The Original Dream Pillow" which comes with a storybook, or one of their animal pillows, "Lamby & Sharky. He chose the Lamby dream pillow, and he was super excited to try it.

Believe me when I say you haven’t felt anything as soft as this pillow! It is so snuggly and cosy. He fell in love with his Lamby before he even knew what to do with it! Included in the box is a pack of 60 dream wish notes. The dream notes allow your child to write down or draw what they would like to dream about. The dream notes give you an excellent opportunity to talk about your child's dream wishes before bed. It’s an adorable thing to do. The first night Marley drew a horse, a cloud and an elephant. Over the last few months we had spent plenty of time talking about what he DIDN’T want to dream about a very little time talking about the things he would like to dream of instead. There is a common therapeutic treatment for children with nightmares called “Image Rehearsal Therapy” where kids focus on happy thoughts before sleep, and if done consistently for two weeks or more it has a 90% rate of effectiveness in reducing nightmares.

Each night Marley thinks about the dreams he would like to craft and he either draws them, or I write them down for him. We then pop the dream-wish inside his “Lamby” pillow, and he falls asleep cuddled up to it. The Dream Pillow is not only comforting but its also a great way to teach your child about the power of positive thinking, and that their intentions can create outcomes. It allows bonding time before bed and is a lovely way to spark thoughtful conversations with your child. The dream pillow is for children three years and up but Felix (2.5 years) is already asking for one, and so I think we might be purchasing the Shark version for him very soon. I absolutely love the concept of this product. The idea, the story behind it and the results are just amazing. Marley goes off to bed worry free and wakes up excited to tell us about his dreams now which is such a pleasure to see. If your little one is struggling with bad dreams, then I would strongly suggest giving this a go! The Dream Pillow have offered Guilty Mummy readers 20% off using the code TheGMum via their etsy shop HERE.

As an added treat for mummy (as if a toddler sleeping wasn't enough) I was kindly sent the revolutionary sleep mask from Sleep Master to try! The sleep mask offers Light Elimination AND sound muffling. It's perfect for when you can hear the kids fidgeting, and your other half is snoring! It's super soft and has improved my sleep massively. I always need complete darkness to fall asleep, but with an array of nightlights leading a path for the boys, it's often hard to get the dark I need. If you would like more information on this product and to get 20% off please click HERE (using the code TheGMum)

** We were kindly #gifted The Dream Pillow and the Sleep Mask in return for an honest review**