Our Square Box - You are not alone.

Dirty nappies and toys on the floor, A world away from your life before. Sticky fingers and muddy feet, A change in priorites, less people to meet.

Living life in a little square box, Mom shorts, baggy shirts, no posh frocks. Long lonely nights, wakings at two, Exploding nappies and no time for you.

Calpol, coffee and wine at six, Learning to get by with all the best tricks. Fish fingers, pasta and macaroni cheese Little minds that can't always be pleased.

Following your friends that have flown to new places, Travelling the world and exploring new spaces. Watching their world though those square little grids, Wondering why did I rush to have kids?

But then those squishy arm's reach for their mummy, You get that flip deep down in your tummy. Their big wandering eyes all innocent and new, The first time they look up and say "mummy I love YOU"

The 2am cuddles when they've had a bad dream, The moments when they can't wait to share what they've seen. The big wet kisses they plant on your face, The moment they win any kind of race.

That little square box will start to grow, People will visit and then you will know. Being a mummy is hard and it's tough, But being a mummy CAN be enough.

You will go on adventures just like the others, You will make new friends who are also mothers. You will learn to love in a whole new way, These times aren't forever and will be gone some day.

The days are long and not always sunny, But you have the honour of being their mummy. Drink the wine, the vodka, AND the Gin, Quietly accept that you wont always win.

Believe that you are the best you can be, It will get easier I promise. You just wait and see