A Good Nights Sleep With Mummy Loves Organics

Sleep. You don’t think about sleep too much before having kids do you? But when you become a parent sleep has a whole new meaning. You stop worrying about your weekend lie in, and instead your sole aim in life is to get at least 5 strait hours of sleep at some point each night. Most of us find that we are planning are child’s night time sleep long before the clock hits 7pm. Not too much daytime sleep, no sleeps after 3pm (otherwise known as the danger nap) and not too much sugar before bed! It’s all about finding the perfect balance for your child and finding any little tricks you can to help aid that perfect night of sleep.

Back in April I started hearing whispers about a product called Sleepy Feet. Mums were calling it “The miracle sleep potion” that helps your child sleep for a lot more than 5 hours! Marley (3) & Felix (1) are actually quite good sleepers but they do become unsettled very easily if we travel somewhere new. We had a trip to Cornwall booked and Marley had a hospital stay coming up so it was time to see what this Sleepy Feet was all about! Could this be our answer for getting them to settle somewhere new?

Sleepy Feet is an amazing organic foot oil for babies and children to help them get to sleep and stay asleep, also helps prevent the dreaded night terrors. Marley who is almost 4 suffers with very vivid nightmares, so when I saw that the oil helps with night terrors I was really interested to try it. Sleepy Feet is completely natural. It is made from the purest essential oils of Mandarin, Frankincense, English Lavender and a fabulous Roman Chamomile. It smells DIVINE! Simply apply to the soles of babies/children’s’ feet, temples and behind the ears and allow to dry.

Does it work? Obviously products like this work differently for every child but for us Sleepy Feet has become a favourite part of the their bedtime routine. Did it help with our holiday and Marley’s hospital stay? Yes it absolutely did. When we got home we decided to continue using it to help with Marley’s nightmares and see if it could extend their sleep a little as they are both early risers. We still have days that they wake early and Marley does have the odd nightmare but they are few and far between these days. The boys call Sleepy Feet their “sleepy potion” and they now apply it to each others feet each night during which time they roar with laughter as it “tickles” Aside from the obvious improvement in sleep it smells so nice and I have even been known to use it on myself when I am going to bed with a full mind. It really helps me relax and unwind.

But it’s not just sleepy feet! Mummy Loves Organics have created a whole range of products that are perfect for mums to be, babies and children. They now offer Sleepy Splash, which is beautiful calming bath milk. This amazing bath milk gently soothes your little one and prepares them for bed. The sleepy feet oil can be applied after their relaxing bath creating a relaxing and soothing bedtime routine.

They also offer deliciously scented non-toxic candles. When lit, they melt into magical massage oil for an ultimate luxurious, hydrating experience, which soothes both body and mind. Perfect for your very own bedtime routine.

I honestly can’t recommend Mummy Loves Organics enough. It is very obvious that each product is made which a huge amount of care and love. Their customer service is amazing and they are extremely loyal to their customers. It is hard to come by both products and companies who provide such amazing service. I will most certainly be using sleepy feet and their other products for myself, my children and for gifts. If you don’t believe me try it out for yourself. Just click here for more information and prices.

**This blog is not sponsored or paid and is true of my experience using Mummy Organics**