Ketchup fun with Heinz | Marleys Ketchup

Marley and food are not always a strait forward mix! He aires on the fussy side so we are always on the look out for tricks that will encourage him to eat new foods. One of his favourite requests is "Dip Dip" AKA Ketchup. I am more than happy to give ketchup to an extent but I am always concious of the salt and sugar levels and believe me when I say Marley would happily coat his food in it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I was super excited to learn that Heinz has brought out a no added sugar and salt ketchup. Heinz has officially brought playfulness back to our dinner table and has allowed me to give Marley the control back when it comes to how much he has. But does it have the same irrisistable taste of Heinz? The proof is in the taste test. I think we can safely say that Marley was impressed. Dip it, squeeze it, paint with it and most importantly have fun with it! #ad

**Video in Collaboration with Heinz**