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This week on Mumpreneur Monday I am delighted to introduce Louise & Kate from Craft and Crumb. Craft and Crumb is a unique cake kit company that offers parents a helping hand to make a fab looking cake for their child’s birthday. All they ask is that you provide your own eggs and butter. Simple!

Louise & Kate met whilst pregnant with their first babies back in 2010 and now have three children between the ages of 4 and 7. Their aim is to help parents make a special birthday cake that comes straight from the heart but without giving them a headache! By having all the other ingredients and decorations pre-measured, there are no sticky jars left over in the cupboards years later; the disposable cake pans save the washing up and the easy step-by-step guide is full of useful hints and tips.

Their range has been extended to include Baking Kits which are often gifted for birthdays and also Baking Mix Party Bags to help parents who face the dreaded party party bag dilemma and who are looking for something other than the usual plastic and sweets to thank their guests with.

There must be an easier way…’ is the conversation that started it all off. Kate made a fab Peppa Pig cake for her daughters 2nd birthday but spent a fortune on ingredients as well as hours trawling the Internet and traipsing round the shops to find the right decorations. She was even up until the early hours the night before the party decorating the cake and was so stressed by the time the party started she could barely look at her cake! And so they idea of Craft & Crumb was born.

Louise says setting up a business is so much easier when working with a friend - provided there’s a clear division of labour. Kate focuses on the creative designs of the cakes and Louise looks after the sales and marketing side of the business. This has entailed Louise getting to grips with Social Media, an aspect of work that didn’t hold much weight in any of her previous employments as well as lots of networking which she says she really enjoys.

I think this might also be partly due to the fact that people are really intrigued by our business and also everyone loves cake”

Louise and Kate say that Life has become one great big juggling act since launching Craft and Crumb and it requires lots of late night emails but they both feel incredibly fortunate that they are able to pick and drop their children to school and nursery, listen to them read every day and sit down with them whilst they eat dinner their dinner.

“It’s not easy as there are always moments when the guilt creeps in – such as when they ask you why you don’t come on the school trips.....although I do at least always make our Rainbow Cupcakes for the cake sale which go down a treat”

But Louise & Kate believe they have become a master jugglers when it comes striking the right balance between work and life.

“It’s a fine line and things are often on a knife edge but we are extremely lucky to have amazing support from family and our kids who love helping out – you can never have too many hands offering to put our stickers on each and every bag of handmade cake mix”

For now Betty Crocker can sleep well at night. Craft and Crumb are aiming high with their cake kit business but one step at a time. Both Louise and Kate are proud of being a small business. They recognize their repeat customers and always give great customer service.

“We have some exciting new plans for the coming months; there are some new cakes we’re about to launch (we’ve had so many requests for a Frozen themed cake, it will finally be available to buy very soon) and we also want to further develop our range of seasonal kits. We always do kits for Easter, Halloween and Christmas as it’s fun to be creative in the kitchen with your kids at these times of year. We’ve also got new ideas up our sleeves to complement our Party Bag offering as well as a Unicorn Biscuit kit that we will launch in time for the gifting season. The gifting of lovingly homemade cakes and biscuits is undervalued and we’d like to help change that – everyone loves a homemade gift and everyone loves cake! Provided we can always help parents bake cakes for their loved ones that they can be proud of then all our aspirations for Craft & Crumb will be achieved”

Louise and Kate were extremely kind to let me try one of their amazing cake kits. I was hugely excited about this opportunity but also slightly nervous. I love to cook but baking is my weak point. I had visions of burning the cake and then having to call them and explain that I had wasted one of their kits.

I need not have worried though. The cake kit arrived and everything was perfectly placed and labeled inside. The instructions were clear and I suddenly had faith that I might be able to succeed at one of their cakes. And so I did! I made the rainbow unicorn cake and it turned out brilliantly. But you don’t want to just take my word for it do you? Unlike other mumpreneur Monday blogs I thought you might want some real proof that these cake kits are blooming amazing! So at the bottom of this blog you will find a video that shows us making the cake from beginning to end.

Before you watch it Craft & Crumb have a very special treat for you all. They have kindly offered Guilty Mummy readers a 10% DISCOUNT on all cake kits using the code “guiltymummybakes” at checkout. Believe me when I say you need one of these cake kits if you have a birthday coming up. Felix’s birthday is in September and Marley’s is in October so I will be ordering theirs soon. Craft and crumb have changed the birthday baking game for the better and I will be sticking with them from now on. No more trying to create my own, because it rarely ever works out. Ooops!

It has been an absolute delight working with Louise and Kate. Craft and crumb is a fantastic business that I believe will go from strength to strength as time goes on. Louise and Kate are determined, talented and the best example of a great team juggling motherhood and a business. I would love for you all to go and show them some love over on their social channels and of course have a browse through their website!


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