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This week on Mumperneur Monday I am delighted to introduce Kirsty from Tiny Human. Kirsty makes handmade items and gifts that make parenting that bit easier.

Before having children, Kirsty worked for a local software company in the admin and marketing teams. Dealing with adults and having a to-do list she knew she would finish for the day at 5.30pm and her job would be done. Something that seems a world away from life today!

Kirsty now has 2 chaotic bundles of trouble, 1 and 3 year old boys, Oliver and Sam. Alongside soft play, park trips and play dates, she juggles Tiny Human as well as working for inChoir 2-3 sessions a week.

Kirsty started Tiny Human almost by accident. As part of her hen do 4 years ago, her friends had taken her to a bunting making session where they made metres and metres to of bunting to adorn the top table on her wedding day. Kirsty was one of the few who had used a sewing machine before and she had a great day. Two years later she was asked whether she had ever made bunting before.

Yes, as it happened, I had...albeit as part of a team, a couple of years beforehand! I took the challenge and made that first set, which led to another, then more, and I quickly realised how much I enjoyed sewing! I initially launched making bunting, cushion covers and a selection of scrabble tile items”

Nowadays, Kirsty’s focus is mainly on children’s products and she is hoping to continue exploring more environmentally friendly and ethical materials. Her most recent products - such as the pants and privacy pouches - are the ones she most passionate about.

“I sat at my table, pencil in hand and designed these ideas I’d planned in my head while driving to and from play dates or choir sessions. The first time a customer ordered one was a mixture of relief and elation, seeing that others loved them as much as I did”

Kirsty was kind enough to send me a pants pouch for Marley. The idea of the “Pants pouch” is that you can place a couple of pairs of spare pants and some wipes in and stick the pouch in your bag. Any one who has a toddler will know that you must always leave the house with a spare pair of pants and wipes! You never know when you will need them and boys especially have a tendency to “forget” that they need a wee when they are running wild with friends. Kirsty asked me what fabric I would like so I took a peek at different styles she had on offer and they were all amazing! I chose the comic strip style fabric as it fits Marley’s personality perfectly. I absolutely LOVE his pants pouch. Such a fantastic idea and it makes it so easy having everything together so you can just whip it out during a toilet emergency. This would also be great for travel so you have something that is easily accessible when you are flying or you are at an airport. The pouch is beautifully made. It’s strong, durable and faultless.

But Kirsty’s creations don’t stop at the Pants Pouch. It would seem that she is fast becoming the queen of Pouch creations! She makes nappy pouches, pants pouches and privacy pouches as well as her “ouch pouch” and her “essentials pouch”

Kirsty’s privacy pouches are genius! This is a pouch that can be used for all your female essentials at “that time of the month” She makes them with the most beautiful fabrics so you can just grab the pouch and pop off to the toilet when you need to. No more digging around in the changing bag for rogue tampons that usually get pulled out by your nosey toddler for the entire world to see.

Her “Ouch Pouch” is equally as brilliant. A pouch to help with pain, they can be used both cold and warm. Kirsty makes them in 2 sizes ( 4”x4” and 4.5”x8.5”) and these can be used for any area of pain such as Headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps, mastitis and engorged breasts. They are also great for children’s ailments such as bumps and scrapes.

Kirsty says that she loves being a mumpreneur “I love what I do and although it’s hard work, when was anything worth doing easy?”

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kirsty. I am so proud that I also know her personally and so I know how much work she puts in Tiny human on a daily basis. She works late nights and weekends more often than she should. She is talented, determined and kind. She continues to think outside of the box each day to find solutions that will make parenting easier, despite the fact that life is crazy for her most days. I have no doubt that Tiny Human will continue to grow as time goes on. I would absolutely love for you to head over to her social channels and show her some love. And of course take a peek at her wonderful products.

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The Guilty Mummy xx