A few months back you may remember that I wrote a blog about Kroma phone cases. If you didn’t get a chance to read it then click here for the original post.

I absolutely loved the original phone cases that they sent me, so when I heard that they had a brand new floral range of phone cases coming out this spring I was super excited. I am really into colour at the moment so I decided to change my white frame to pink and I picked out three beautiful floral designs. You can choose from three different frame colours. Black, White or pink and then you choose the backplates which have the patterns and colours on them. You can then change the backplate at anytime meaning that if you fancy something new you can just pop onto their website and order a different style. Their designs are unique and funky and will suit any personality type from floral and light to bright and edgy.

All of their phone cases are BPA free. When I first spoke with Kroma I learnt that many phone cases on the market contain BPA, an industrial chemical that can transfer both orally and via the skin, and may lead to infertility, heart diseases, and brain and behaviour issues in young children and babies. For pregnant and nursing mums, this could mean a higher level of BPA entering breast milk, resulting in BPA transmission to infants. So if your little one is going to be chewing on your phone then it's super important that it’s BPA free. Kromas phone cases also offer maximum impact protection (up to 11 feet) without feeling like you are carrying your phone round in a big plastic box.

I absolutely love my new Kroma cases and have already had lots of people asking where they are from. If you are interested in buying one for yourself (or a few if you are anything like me) then please visit their website here. Kroma have very kindly offered all Guilty Mummy readers 10% off their purchase using the code “GuiltyMummy” Such a great offer!

The Guilty Mummy xx