Mumpreneur Monday | In Craft Corner

This week on Mumpreneur Monday I am delighted to introduce Nic from In Craft Corner.

Nic is a busy mum of 3 girls (nearly 1, 5 and 6) currently based in Aylesbury. She originally started In Craft Corner after her first daughter was born. She started out making highchair covers for a friend and then selling them on ebay, they did really well. At this time she was working for Wilko's and was dead set on becoming an assistant manager. She started trying out new ideas like taggies and little covers for car seats, anything she thought people would want.

Nic was on maternity leave at this time so she wasn't really focused on making it a full time business just something to earn a little extra money on the side. After her maternity leave ended she went back to work full time and soon found out she was pregnant with her second baby. While she was pregnant she did spent a lot of time focussing on her business. She wanted to see if she could really make it work. Once baby number two was born she became Nics model and tester. Nic loves to make things for mums that are really practical or have more than one purpose, so the research and testing on her own children really helped. She didn't want to go back to work after her second child but she had to for the minimal time part time to cover her maternity pay.

In January 2014 Nic quite her job in retail and took on In Craft Corner as a full time job. Nic says it was a very scary time and a big leap of faith. She explained to me that she thinks lots of mums have that fear when starting out, what happens if it doesn't take off or doesn't work?

“I had to put myself out of my comfort zone and believe in myself. It helps that I have a very supportive husband that lets me do what I need to”

Nic works from home around her kids, working any free time she gets and doing events. It can be quite a juggle at times but they still manage it. Nic says she just has to be very organised.

“I like to hope i'm a good role model for my kids, they see me work hard to achieve the goal I want. So they know if they work hard for something they can achieve it, whatever that may be” Nic is a self taught seamstress, she did a basic lessons back in school but for now her work is all based on trial and error and you tube videos She has also taught herself many other business skills that they don't teach you at school like digital marketing, Ad-words, Instagram and Facebook ads.

Nic very kindly sent me one of her beautiful taggie blankets for Felix. It is absolutely gorgeous and has his name embroided in. Felix loves his muslin as a comforter but almost always plays with the labels when he is sleepy. This product is such a genius idea! I love how fun it is and it is a real statement when we are out and about.

She offers so many wonderful products on her website such as Nappy Wallets (such a great idea) Cuddle blankets, cuddle clouds and ring teethers, to name a few.

It has been a pleasure to work with Nic and share her inspirational story with you all. I am absolutely sure that In Craft Corner will continue to blossom in the future and I can't wait to start stocking up on the other products she offers.

I would love it if you could show her some love on her social media channels, and of course head over to her website to see her full range!

Facebook - @InCraftCorner

Instagram - @incraftcorner