GroovaRoo London | Review

Have you ever tried a dance class with your baby? Not the type of dance class where you plonk your baby on the floor with some toys and enjoy a workout but a dance class where you actually carry your baby? Recently I was invited to come and try a class with GroovaRoo London. The popular baby-and-you dancing sensation.

Up until I heard about GroovaRoo I didn't know that anything like this existed. The class is run by Veronika who grew up as a competitive Street dancer for 12 years and went on to teach dance for a further 6 years. She believes dancing is one of the purest expressions of happiness. She has also been a caregiver for children and young babies for the last 5 years. With GroovaRoo, Veronika hopes to help mums/dads bond with their little dance partners through the joy of movement and music.

So what did I think? I thought beforehand that Felix would be a little to big to really enjoy the class. My concern was that he wouldn't stay in the baby carrier. He actually did great. He stayed put for the whole class and almost fell asleep by the end. There was a real buzz in the room throughout the whole class and Veronika is an awesome teacher. I really wish that I had known about GroovaRoo when my boys were babies. I think that they would have both of loved this type of class and I would have welcomed an opportunity to get a work out in. It's also great for bonding which is so important if you have had a tough pregnancy, or start to motherhood.

So would I recommend Groovaroo? Absolutely! It was such a pleasure to join their class and if I have third never know ;-) then I will definitely be signing up.

For more information on Groovaroo please click here. I also filmed some of the class in one of my recent day in the life videos over on my youtube channel so please to check that out below if you would like to see what we got up too!

The Guilty Mummy x