Mumpreneur Monday | Mummys Bubble

This week on Mumpreneur Monday I am delighted to introduce Heena from Mummys Bubble.

Heena started blogging in 2013 after her first baby was born. She wanted to create a blog about her chapter in parenting. Naming it Mummys Bubble Heena set out for it to be about family life through her and her husbands eyes in their “little bubble” She never thought it would become what it is today. The site was only ever meant to be a collective for her family and her first child to read when she grew up. Fast forward 5 years later and now with two kids in tow, their blog site has become a place for parents to come and contribute to. Making it a Bubble for all Mums (and Dads). A year ago Heena opened up an online shop creating bespoke items for Mums and Babies. These range from teething jewellery, interior decoration, baby apparel and soon to be introduced a new line of kids clothing and mums accessories. Heena never imagined that she would become a Mumpreneur but says she is so glad that she has and now feels she has a clear vision of what their future will look like one day.

Mummys Bubble were kind enough to send me one of their teething necklaces and it is my new favourite accessory! If you have a teething baby and you don't have one of these necklaces then you need one. The teething necklaces are the perfect length and the beads are made for babies to chew on. The beads are all high quality, BPA free and food grain silicone meaning they are 100% safe for babies and toddlers. Believe it or not these necklaces are great for developing your little ones hand eye coordination too.

Felix absolutely loves this necklace. He is still teething and at the moment and is cutting his back molars (ouch) Whenever I wear the necklace he chews on it and plays with it. It serves its purpose for babies but it is also so beautiful. Any mum who has tried to wear a necklace with a young baby will know that it is really really tricky. They get caught on them, they will pull at them and they will often try to chew metal which is definitely a safety hazard. I really miss wearing necklaces so when mine arrived in the post it was an extra special treat! It felt so nice to put something pretty on as an accessory. I picked out pinks and greys but you can pick from a whole range of colours and Heena is happy to custom make designs for you too.

The teething necklace is just one of many products which I love on her site. She also sells teethers, baby apparel, bibs, comforters, and beautiful baby décor (to name a few)

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mummys Bubble. Heena is an inspirational Mumpreneur and has worked extremely hard to build this amazing support network and business up from scratch. I would love for you all to go and show her some love on her social channels – Instagram (mummysbubble) Facebook (@mummysbubble) and of course check out her website for lots of wonderful blogs and shopping.

The Guilty Mummy xx