Mumpreneur Monday | Edie Bees

This week on Mumpreneur Monday I am delighted to introduce Rachel from Edie Bees.

Rachel hand makes made to order baby/toddler clothes and accessories.

Rachel, is in her 30's and is married with 2 gorgeous girls aged 5 and 2. By trade she is a primary school teacher. She still keeps a toe in the water by tutoring but she decided to take a break from the classroom whilst her girls were small.

Rachel found that Life before EdieBees was the constant stress of being the mummy she strived to be and the teacher she wanted to be. Like many others she realised that at that time it wasn't possible to excel at both. Fortuitously, her husband was offered a sabbatical to the States for a year in 2015 so they took the plunge and moved stateside. At that time she had a sewing machine and had made approximately 3 skirts for her daughter. Whilst in the States she taught herself to sew, studying YouTube and experimenting. She started making simple cotton items for her daughter to wear. She then had her 2nd daughter, a tough pregnancy, very quick labour, 3 weeks early, delivered breech in the hospital car park so understandably the sewing went on hold!

Since moving back to the UK things have gone from strength to strength. Rachel ventured into jersey fabric whipping up leggings and rompers on her trusty machine. She has tried her hand at lots of different patterns, most of which were a success and are now available through her Facebook and Instagram pages. This Christmas Rachel had an epiphany, her lovely hubby bought her an overlocker and she has been on a roll ever since!

Rachel was kind enough to send me two gorgeous snoods for my little boys. I always want to keep the boys warm in this freezing weather but they often refuse to wear scarves and yank at them the whole time. So I was really intrigued to see how they got on with snoods. When the snoods arrived the first thing that I noticed was how soft they were. Each snood is fleece lined with the softest fleece. She had chosen a construction digger design which is so cute and both boys were really excited when their package arrived the post.

These snoods have been a LIFESAVER over the past few weeks. I can easily pop them on when we leave the house to get in the cold car or go on a walk. The boys don't tug on them or try and take them off. In fact its a battle to get them off because they love wearing them so much.

Rachel has so many beautiful fabrics to choose from. I've got my eye on a few of her items and because everything is custom made it means that I can ask for some matching items. You all know how much I love the boys to match!

I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel and Edie Bees Sewing. She is extremely talented at what she does and she is a joy to work with. I am really honoured to be working with this wonderful Mumpreneur!

To find out more about Edie Bees please visit her Facebook page – EdieBees (@ediebeesewing) and her Instagram Page - @ediebeessewing

The Guilty Mummy xx