Valentines Day with Debenhams

Valentines Day. I'm a stickler for it. I love any excuse to have a romantic night out, buy sweet gifts and to exchange cards. It's a holiday that's right up my street. My husband on the other hand isn't such a fan and each year he tries to pretend that romance doesn't interest him (we all know he loves it really)

I would always make such an effort on valentines day pre babies but over the last few years I haven't made such a fuss of it. Mainly because trying to get a sitter on valentines night is difficult and shopping with two children is so stressful it just doesn't feel worth it. Not to mention the fact that men are so difficult to buy for.

So when Debenhams approached me about their valentines campaign I was most intrigued. Debenhams gave us a chance to see that you can still make an effort and have a wonderful valentines day even when you are in the depths of parenthood.

We were lucky enough to be given an Ultimate time together package made by Buy a gift. You order the pack online. When it arrives you will find a book full of 990 different experiences such as overnight stays, spa breaks, fun days out and dinners. Along with the book comes a voucher. You simply pick which experience you would like and call the number on the page along with your voucher details. It's SO easy and we had such fun trying to decide what to pick (all whilst sitting on the sofa with a nice glass of wine) We decided to choose an overnight break at Shendish Manor in Hertfordshire, complete with a 3 course dinner and a cooked breakfast. I called the number that was provided and said I had the voucher. Within 5 minutes a reservation had been made and we were booked in. Phase one of mission valentine sorted!

Last weekend we headed off for our romantic couples break (slightly early so we could secure overnight babysitters). It was wonderful to have some quality time together and enjoy some grown up time without the children. It's scary how quickly you forget what being alone together feels like. We both really loved being able to chat to each other and relax for 24 hours.

Of course no valentines weekend is complete without gifts. We each decided to pick two gifts for each other from Debenhams valentines page. As I said before I find gift buying for my husband a real task but I was actually very impressed with what they had to offer. As we have a new TV in our bedroom I brought my husband some bluetooth headphones. He loves techy things and he always has to have the TV turned down so low if he wants to go upstairs in the evening so these were perfect. I then also brought him a leather belt that he could wear for our posh dinner away. The mens valentines range is really extensive. You have everything from aftershaves, underwear, tech products and grooming sets. It makes buying a gift “for him” so easy. Phase two of mission valentines sorted!

I then got given a beautiful dressing gown to take away. My husband isn't a fan of my big fluffy dressing gown so I got a lovely silk red one which is so lovely and anything but mumsy! He then brought me a “Date night with Mr Right” makeup set by benefit. I love benefit products but rarely have the time or the funds to buy them anymore. It was a real treat. Phase three of mission valentine sorted!

Who would have thought that valentines day could be so easy. I am so impressed with the experiences and the gifts that Debenhams offer on their valentines pages. I can now safely say that this will be our annual valentines tradition. An Ultimate Time together gift box and some treats from Debenhams online selection. Easy, quick and romantic. There is now absolutely no excuse...hint hint Guilty Daddy ;-)

Thank you so much to Debenhams and Buy a gift for making us feel the love :-)

The Guilty Mummy xxx