Saving the pennies with preloved clothes

Before having children I never would have thought that kids clothes would be expensive. In theory it shouldn't cost allot to keep them clothed. After all they are really quite small aren't they? Surely their clothes should be a quarter of the price of adult ones? Nope, nope and more nope. Kids clothes are not cheap.

Lets not forget the whole growth spurt dilemma too. As soon as I buy my boys new clothes they grow an extra inch. As soon as I buy a bumper pack of nappies for Felix he goes up a size. And don't even get me started on shoes! The cost of shoes drives me absolutely insane. There is so much pressure to buy “good quality shoes” from shops like Clarks so that their little feet grow properly. I do get it, its important, except for the fact that if I buy BOTH boys new shoes during one clarks visit I will come away with a £100 hole in my purse. I can't keep up with the rate they are growing for many reasons (my heart hurts a little bit too) but my bank account takes a hammering.

Quite simply there is no solution to the whole growing thing. They are going to do it whether we like it or not and to be fair to them they don't really have a choice in it. But I've learnt that there is a solution to the amount of money I spend on those clothes and it comes through buying preloved items and doing it online.

Marley wears allot of hand me downs from his cousin and Felix obviously wears lots of hand me downs from Marley but there are times that I want to pick out some new clothes for them both. Shopping online is really convenient for me because quite frankly trying to get round the high-street with two wild boys in tow feels like a form of torture. Preloved doesn't have to mean worn down. For the exact reason I have stated above. Children grow quickly and that means that allot of second hand children's clothes have barely been worn. It is however important to find a reliable source to shop from if you are buying preloved clothes online. I've found the two companies below to be extremely reliable and their quality of clothes are great so I wanted to share them with you all.


Little Chickpeas is the inspiration of Abby and Dan, and of course their little girl Elissa.

As new parents, Abby and Dan wanted the very best for Elissa. With Abby on maternity leave and the extra expense of having a baby, they realised they needed to be smart with their money. Abby and Dan became frustrated by the limited options for buying second hand baby clothes. They just didn’t have the time to spend hours searching the internet, looking for the best deals, so Little Chickpeas was born!

The Friendly, family-run Little Chickpeas, focus on buying and selling a range of pre-loved baby clothes but only in excellent or as good as new condition. With up to 70% off the original High Street price, you can save money whilst ensuring the very best for your Little Chickpea.

You will find brand names such as Mamas&Papas, DKNY, Next and Ted Baker (just to name a few) on their site. Of course the brand I am most excited about would have to be Clarks! Hurrah to that!

You can also sell your clothes through Little Chickpeas which is great for making some extra money from the clothes your children can't wear anymore. Please click here for more information.

For more information on Little Chickpeas please visit their website. Little chickpeas are kindly offering Guilty Mummy readers a 10% discount on all purchases. Use code CHICKPEA10 to claim your discount.


Sprout and Shed is created by parents, for parents. The site, which offers the chance to both buy and sell, is the branchild of two mum friends Francesca & Jen. It aims to help busy parents forage, find and forward on the best of quality treats and treasures without the endless trawling and bidding on other sites. Find pre-owned goodies from some of the hottest and hightest quality kids brands such as Mini Boden, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, Petit Bateau and Zara.

Sprout and Shed only accept UK sellers who are vetted carefully by Francesca and Jen to ensure they are reliable.

Sprout and Shed now also offer their ShEd-It service. A bespoke service where they will sort, upload, process and post people’s preloved branded children’s clothes for them in addition to them being able to use the marketplace.

I really love the fact that in addition to clothes they also have buggys, nursery furniture and toys available. I wish I had thought about buying a preloved buggy when Marley arrived. Instead I spent about the same as I did on my first ever car. It's bonkers.

For more information on Sprout and Shed please visit their website

If you are looking at buying second hand clothes online I would highly recommend using the above companies. Their teams are dedicated to solving the problem of spending a fortune on clothing that only last's for a small amount of time. Both companies are run by friendly parents who understand this dilemma and know exactly what us mums want from our children's clothes.

I hope these little gems help you save some pennies. Just think what you could do with the extra cash! A date night? And extra nice bottle of wine? Or maybe even a couple of nice days out. The possibilities are endless. I would love to know if you guys have any other recommendations. Feel free to let me know in the comments below :)

The Guilty Mummy xx