A nurses job is never done.....

To the nurse that came and sat with me for 20 minutes on Felix's first night in hospital just so he could understand a bit more about not only Felix's medical condition but his personality. Thank you for trying to get to know him.

To the nurse who was trying to see to all the other babies when Felix was screaming in pain. It wasn't his turn but you came and told me that you could hear him. You came to tell me you had already called for the doctors and you could hear me crying. Thank you for making me feel like I wasn't alone.

To the nurse who asked me if I there was anything you could get ME so that I would feel a bit better. Thank you for trying to make me feel better.

To the nurse who came in smiling every time I buzzed the call bell. Thank you for not getting fed up of me.

To the nurse that had to find a new stethoscope instead of waking me because I fell asleep on yours. Thank you for letting me sleep a little (and sorry about your stethoscope)

To the nurse that put us in a private room because Felix wouldn't stop screaming all night the night before. Thank you.

To the nurse that woke me up at 5am by gently rubbing my back to tell me Felix had a temperature and needed to have more blood tests done. Thank you for giving me a chance to wake up before you called the doctors in.

To the nurses who crept into our room numerous times a night and tried to do observations in the dark. Thank you for trying to let him get some sleep.

To the nurse who had a stern words with me when I lost my nerves. Thank you. I didn't appreciate your sternness at the time but I am thankful for it now.

To the nurse who couldn't stop apologising about us having to be moved out of room we had just settled into. You didn't need to apologise, someone else needed it more than us and we understood. Thank you for trying to do your best for us.

To the nurse who checked Felix's cannula again and again because I thought it was hurting him. Thank you for checking.

To the nurse who stopped Felix's IV antibiotic transfusion when it was no longer going into his vein. You acted so quickly and stayed with me until you were sure he wasn't in pain anymore and that damn cannula was out!

To the nurse who decided that enough was enough with cannulas. Thank you for seeing that both Felix and I couldn't take one more attempt.

To the nurses who had looked after us on different nights but didn't have us that night. You came by just to say hi and see how Felix was doing. A familiar face is such a lovely thing in a time of uncertainty. So thank you.

To the nurse who changed my bedsheets for me when Felix bled all over them. Surely that's not your job to sort my bed out? Thank you for trying to make me comfortable.

To the nurse who answered my questions again and again so I could understand what you were doing. Thank you.

To the nurse that took Felix so I could go to the toilet. Thank you.

To the nurse who juggled his antibiotic timings so we could take him on a little walk in his buggy. Thank you.

I am forever thankful to the nurses on the Outwood ward at east surrey. Believe me when I say they are stretched! They don't have a spare second to stop and do extra jobs or answer ten million questions. Yet they do it. They are gentle and kind to their patients and to the anxious mums that come with them. It's hot, its busy, its relentless yet they come back and do it day after day, night after night. I am of course so thankful to every person who helped Felix whilst he was unwell but the nurses will always stand out to me. They are the ones who got to know Felix and got to know me. They take allot of crap but they stand up for their patients and they will do anything to make you feel reassured.

They are all angels and I am honoured that we got to watch each and every one of them work.

If you know a nurse that needs some extra recognition then share this post! Not just nurses that look after babies. Each and every one of them! Nurses are often overlooked and I am sure that they could all use some extra thanks for the amazing work they do.

The Guilty Mummy xxxx