Discovering Kroma phone cases

Phones! When you become a mum you learn quite quickly that your phone is no longer your own. You can be fairly sure that no matter how many stimulating toys you have cluttering up your home your mobile phone will be by far their favourite thing to play with. Pressing the buttons, gabbling away to Siri and lets not forget that it is the very best teething toy!

When Kroma approached me about trying their phone cases I was really interested. I have tried so many different phone cases. They have either broken, or my screen still gets smashed when the phone has been dropped (which I might add is allot) My most recent phone case was actually coming apart and my youngest almost got a piece of very sharp plastic in his mouth. So testing out Kroma came at exactly the right time for me.

Kroma offer a range of different phone cases that are absolutely gorgeous! Their designs are unique and funky and will suit any personality type from floral and light to bright and edgy. You are sure to find something you love. You can choose from three different frame colours. Black, White or pink and then you choose the backplate which has the patterns and colours on it. You can then change the backplate at anytime meaning that if you fancy something new you can just pop onto their website and order a different style. As a mum I am always looking for little ways to make myself feel trendy. Having a funky phone case always seems to perk me up! Who else feels like that?

I could go on about their designs all day because I love them (I now have three) but that's not actually main reason for my high recommendation. All of their phone cases are BPA free. Its only since speaking with Kroma I learnt that many phone cases on the market contain BPA, an industrial chemical that can transfer both orally and via the skin, and may lead to infertility, heart diseases, and brain and behaviour issues in young children and babies. For pregnant and nursing mums, this could mean a higher level of BPA entering breast milk, resulting in BPA transmission to infants. So if your little one is going to be chewing on your phone then it's super important that its BPA free.

Kromas phone cases also offer maximum impact protection (up to 11 feet) without feeling like you are carrying your phone round in a big plastic box. Since my phone cases arrived I have dropped my phone SO many times. Felix even decided to throw it with maximum force off the kitchen table and I'm pleased to say there isn't a mark on it!

I absolutely love Kroma. This time last week I didn't know anything about them and I would have happily continued to invest in rubbish phone cases regularly. Now I have tried Kroma I won't be going back and I cant wait to order some more designs soon.

If you are interested in Kroma or in purchasing one of their cases then please do click here.

The Guilty Mummy xx