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I talk about my work allot on my daily ramblings. Mainly because I sometimes find that being a stay at home mum and working from home is a little bit of a juggle (ok maybe allot of a juggle) Because of this I get lots of people asking what I actually do and what I did before having my babies. So here is my story.

When I finished my A Levels I took some time out and chose to travel over going to Uni. I had always wanted to be a midwife but my skills in Science and Maths just weren't up to scratch so I couldn't find a Uni that would accept me for a course. So I packed my bags and jetted off to America where I spent the next 3 months. When I got home I wanted to find an interim job that I could do whilst I figured out my career plan. Yet did I know that the job I chose would be my career for the next 9 years. I applied for a role as a Sales Consultant at Kuoni selling holidays to the USA. I was lucky enough to get the job because of my travels and 2 weeks later I started my new adventure. Over the the next 9 years I travelled the world. I moved my way up the ladder slowly but surely, moving from department to department. I found a love for wedding planning. Arranging weddings for couples who wanted get married abroad. I travelled to the USA, Italy, Sri Lanka, Maldives and the Seychelles. After 6 years at Kuoni I moved to a new company that sold more adventurous holidays in the Nordic Region. I organised holidays and weddings to Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. I slept on Ice, watched the Northern Lights and drove snowmobiles. Whilst I was there I was lucky enough to get a promotion as a Business Development Manager in their Education Department organising school trips to counties far and wide. During this time I took an entire class of 14 year old girls out to Costa Rica and camped in the rainforest. During this trip I learnt that I'm not great without my creature comforts. It was my toughest trip yet but a brilliant one none the less.

Just after coming home from Costa Rica my husband and I decided to try for a baby. Just under 2 years later Marley arrived and my jetsetter lifestyle quickly changed to nappies and baby groups. I was confident I would have a place back at work when I was ready but almost as soon as Marley was born I just knew that I wouldn't be able to leave him whilst I took work trips. I took a year off and when Marley was just 14 months old we found out we were expecting Felix. It was a game changer. I wouldn't be going back to work for some time but I needed to have something to help us financially and something to keep my brain working. It was then that I came across Digital Mums. Digital Mums run courses that train mums up to become Social Media Managers. A social media Manager is a job that can easily be done from home as a freelancer. I used all the marketing and sales skills that I had aquired in my travel industry career to get me through my phone interview and I was offered a place on their Community Manager Programme just a few weeks later.

I studied hard for 6 long months. Through morning sickness, toddler tantrums and with my baby bump in tow. But I did it and I was SO proud of myself. At the same time as doing the course I took my blog up to the next level and started to make a few pennies from it. When Felix arrived I was feeling really fragile so I decided to hold off trying to find a freelancing job and I instead focussed on my blog and vlog.

Then 5 months later as if by magic a job fell into my lap! A very good friend of mine who also took the Digital Mums course (and who had started work almost strait after passing) needed to take some time off to have her second baby. She was (and still is) a Social Media manager for a company called Techsixtyfour. A company that has created a wearable mobile phone and tracker for kids called The Gator Watch. She put me forward to her boss to cover her maternity leave and there was my job! During my time covering maternity leave the company grew and when she was ready to come back we were offered a job share. My friend collects all of the articles and schedules all of the posts and I work on the creative side writing blogs and creating images/promotions. My boss is hugely supportive of flexible working. In fact all of our team are mums that work flexibly from home. There is always work to be done yet her moto is “kids first, work later” If I have to do a pre school run or take a few hours out when the kids are sick then she just gets it. She is amazing and I am so thankful that I have this job. I won't lie it is a juggle. I have childcare one afternoon a week which just about covers half of the hours I am contracted to do with her. I work allot of evenings and weekends! Working from home isn't easy. It requires a huge amount of discipline and time keeping but I really couldn't ask for more. I don't have to pay for childcare and above all else I get to go to all my kids doctors appointments, playdates and big events. Do I wish that I was out at work sometimes? Yes I do. Do I miss travelling the world? Yes I do. Do I miss adult conversations and seeing my work colleagues? Yes I do. But this is the best option for me right now and I wouldn't change it for the world.

As for the future who knows! I would love to spend more time focussing on my blog and eventually when the children start school I would like to take on more Freelancing hours for Social Media Management. More childcare is a definite consideration of mine for next year but we will see how we go. For now though, I am exactly where I need to be and I am realy proud of myself for making such a big career change and successfully (most of the time) balancing it all.

If you are interested in a job like mine I would strongly suggest that you look up Digital Mums. They are absolutely fantastic and SO supportive of getting mums back into the work place.

And last but not least if you have kids aged between 5-10 and are interested in learning more about The Gator Watch then please click here. It really is a fantastic product created by an awesome founder and mum of two!

The Guilty Mummy