Tomorrow you turn 3 - A letter to Marley


My wonderful baby boy. You hate it when I call you my baby now. I've tried to explain hundreds of times that you will always be MY baby no matter how big you get. But you, my gorgeous boy no longer want to be little and I cant quite get on board with that!

I cant believe that you are turning 3. This year we have watched you change from a toddler into a little boy. Full of mischief and questions. Full of wonder about the world around you. And my goodness Marley you have achieved some big things this year. You moved from your baby cot into a toddler bed and just last week we moved you into a proper big boys bed. You look so tiny in it, yet you insist you are big enough.

We said goodbye to your dummy (with a few tears from us both) and we happily waved goodbye to your nappies day and night over the course of a few short weeks. You started pre school. Something you found so hard to adjust to but a place you now love and look forward to. You found your voice this year Marley, AND your opinions! You talk from the moment you wake until the moment you go to bed and always have funny stories to tell me.

You have learnt how to be a big brother this year. Your first year learning that there are two people that we love more than the world itself. It hasn't always been smooth sailing and there have been bumps in the road as you have learnt to share my attention (and your toys) but you are without a doubt an amazing big brother. Felix looks up to you so much and believe it or not so do we.

You fill our worlds with such joy little boy. You slotted into our world perfectly from the very beginning. You are the wonderful blessing that taught us (and is still teaching us) how to be parents. We love your wicked sense of humour, your kindness, your gentleness and of course your cheekiness.

So here we are. 3 years old. I cant wait to see what year 4 holds for you. I know we are going to have some amazing adventures and I will watch in awe of all that you are. We are proud of you Marley. So so proud!

All my Love

Mummy xxx