Things I wish I knew before having kids....

Before having kids I had a pretty little picture of what I would look like as a mum. A calm mummy with well behaved children who slept like a dream and did exactly what I said. All whilst keeping up my beauty routine and having time to see all my friends. My children are pretty easy but I definitely haven't faired as well as I thought I would. So here are some things I wish I knew before having kids.


You will never sleep the same again. When Marley was born I was counting down the weeks till he would sleep through the night. At 9 weeks old he was sleeping for 12 hours a night. Fantastic right? Of course! But nothing can stop the night time wakings for teething and germy bugs. Then throw another child into the mix and really your chance of sleeping through every night is pretty minimal. And lie ins? No chance! Then there is that weird thing that is inbuilt into us mums meaning every bump in the night or snuffle over the baby monitor wakes you up. It's almost as if you only “half sleep” and half sleep isn't all that satisfying.


You won't be able to just hop out of bed and leave the house with half an hours notice. Getting out of the house is like a marathon with children. Changing bags, snacks, emergency toilet runs, missing shoes, dirty nappies. It all goes down when you leave the house in a hurry. You finally think you have done it and then they won't sit in their car seats. If your lucky enough to have showered that morning it will be totally void because you will be a sweaty mess by the time you get in the car.


It's not a regular thing anymore. Bye Bye every other day routine and welcome every few day routine plus a couple of extras with dry shampoo to really seal the deal.


You will become obsessed with buying baby clothes and you will buy too many that you don't need (especially in the early days) Any extra money you have for yourself will get sucked up on cute rompers and children's hats. Why do we have so many hats?


Coffee and catch ups with friends (especially friends who don't have children) will never be the same. You will have one eye on your friend and the other eye on your child that is covered in chocolate and climbing under peoples tables. It's a fairly similar story with “phone catch ups” if the children are awake then you can guarantee you will be having a conversation with your friend and your kids at the same time. And that's just really annoying for the person on the other end of the phone. Dont do it!!

I can think of many more but I won't bore you with them all. What do you wish you had known before your kids arrived?

The Guilty Mummy xxx