5 things I am thankful for

Sometimes it's easy to forget to be thankful for what you have. It doesn't make you ungrateful, it's just that life as a mum can be tiring and busy. Sometimes you can get so stuck in a rut trying to catch your tail you forget just how lucky you are.

This particular subject crossed my mind a few nights ago. I had put the boys to bed. My husband was out and I was pottering around the house getting things organised. Suddenly I stopped and looked around me. There I was standing in my beautiful kitchen, a slow cooker meal was on the go and I was about to unpack all of the decorations I had ordered for the boys birthday party. I felt so lucky to be in my lovely house, with my two healthy children upstairs and glass of wine in hand. That day had actually been a pretty rough one so it was nice to stop and take a moment to really appreciate everything that was positive around me. I realised that I don't do it enough! So with this in mind here are my top things that I am thankful for.

My children

Often my biggest cause of stress but yet my biggest achievement at the same time. Boy oh boy am I thankful for those two little munckins. They brighten my world and I am so blessed to have them running rings around me everyday!

My Husband

I don't quite know how I would cope without my husband. He is a bit grumpy and a little bit bossy ;-) but aside from that he is pretty darn amazing. He is an fantastic dad to the boys and he is always supporting me with my work. He is my voice of reason when I am stressed or worried and my biggest cheerleader. He will never know how thankful I am for him.

My Home

We had to rush to buy the house we are in now. It wasn't my first choice of home because it needed so much work but it had the space and we knew we could make it our own over time. Since then it has become the happiest place I have ever lived. I am so so proud of the home we have made it into and our little family fits in with room to spare. It's one thing that I can't quite believe is mine and I still have to pinch myself when I stop and look around.

Family & Friends

We are so very lucky that with the exception of my mum all of our family live close by. They are always on hand to help if we need extra hands with the boys and never mind us dropping by when we need a strong cup of tea. My mum is able to visit us regularly and of course we have a lovely holiday destination to visit in Cornwall when we travel to see her.

My Blog

My blog is my pride and joy. I am so pleased that I started writing and filming when I did and I am really proud of what it has become. It's a great way to store memories and stories for the boys. I hope one day they will have fun watching all of the videos. More than that though its a wonderful outlet and I have found the most special support network through all of my followers. When life has been tough you have all cheered me on. Something that I needed allot this year. I hope that this blog can continue to grow as time goes on.

I should really only keep it to 5 as 5 is a good round number but there is ONE more thing that I am thankful for.......

number 6 …......

WINE – I'm very thankful for wine........and Gin sometimes too.

What are you thankful for this week?

The Guilty Mummy xxx