The Guilty stay or to go?

It's been driving me crazy that I haven't been blogging or VLOGGING much recently. It seems like an age since I wrote my last real blog. The truth is I have something they like to call writers block!

My blog was always intended to be funny and lighthearted. To show you all that motherhood is bloody tough yet we can all survive through humor, joining forces and of course wine! I found writing humorous pieces so easy just a short year ago. Then Felix came along and he quite literally turned my world upside down. I hadn’t ever felt heart ache like that until he arrived and if I'm honest I don't feel like my heart has been quite the same ever since. In a way that period of time took something from me, and it's a part of me that I can't seem to get back. Of course alongside that life is just a whole new type of crazy these days. Two boys under 3 keep me massively busy and I have a job that I need to work on in every second of my spare time.

This blog is my passion and my love. I would love nothing more than to make this my career alongside looking after my children but to make a blog work as a job you need to be able to commit enough time and love to it. This blog does have allot of love but simply not enough time. I've thought long and hard about shutting it down over the last month or so but I've finally come to the decision that for now it will continue. It's not going to run like I hoped because there is so much going on. So much has changed since I started writing for you all. But I've come to realize two things. The first is that I don't need to run on a “schedule” because this is what I love and things you love can't be forced. Secondly I may not write new pieces in the way that I originally intended anymore. They may not be as funny as they used to be. But that's ok because I'm changing (as we all are) My experiences have changed me and I hope that these life lessons of mine will go on to help others in a positive way. The more difficult subjects that I may not have talked about before Felix arrived might now help someone else.

So whether it be through blog posts, video updates or day-to-day updates on Facebook/ Instagram The Guilty Mummy will continue. I'm just not ready to let this dream go.

I can't thank everyone who follows me enough for your ongoing support. You are my voices of calm. You are my mummy tribe and I hope as that this blog evolves you will continue join me on my journey. Whatever that maybe!

The Guilty Mummy xxx