Teamwork - An evening filming The Question Jury

Us mums often get bad press when it comes to judging each other. There are so many different ways to parent your child, so many different opinions on what is and isn’t right and this often causes lots of conflicts between “groups” of mums.

The fact that we are all trying to reach the same goal in raising happy, healthy children can often be forgotten. But I think that us mums actually get a lot of bad press. Most of us are just winging it and more often that not we are looking for other mums to give us the nod of approval and help us with our parenting dilemmas.

Back in April I was invited up to London to film some clips for “The Question Jury” with a group of other bloggers and mums from Netmums. The Question Jury is a Channel 4 Game show where a group of 7 strangers come together with the aim of winning up to £10,000. They must answer questions unanimously, like a jury. In the case of the real show the contestants are strangers from all walks of life, different ages, different opinions. This is of course going to generate tension and disagreements. But that’s the point right?

In our case we were 7 mums. We were asked to play the game as if we were on the show and no one knew how it would pan out. Would we disagree? Would we fight? Would we work as a team? Society would lead us to believe that there is no way that a group of 7 mums, meeting for the first time, from all different parts of the country could work as a team. So what did we do?

Almost immediately the 6 women that I had met only half an hour before became my allies. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing (just like parenting) but we went in as a team. We got thrown some simple questions first and some difficult ones towards the end. We worked together to try and come to a final and unanimous answer on each and every question and laughed when it didn’t go our way. We incorrectly guessed the main ingredient in Tomato sauce but smashed the ones in a Singapore Sling! Gin is a mum’s best friend of course ;-)

As all good mums do we counted out members of the royal family on our fingers and miraculously got the right answer. As mothers we count on our fingers most days with our children and it made me smile that we had used it, without even thinking in an adult situation. It sounds really cheesy but to me that just highlights how alike we all are.

I went into that evening of filming with no expectations. I came away feeling proud of what we had achieved as a group of mums. We had an absolute blast and not once did I feel judged or put on the spot for being an absolutely useless member of the team! General knowledge and cameras combined definitely gave me stage fright but the lovely mums I met didn’t care. Everyone was just happy for some adult conversation and a night off!

The Question Jury is a fantastic concept and I will be watching with great anticipation when the new series starts. I can’t wait to see how all the real teams work together and I will most definitely be playing along from home!

The Question Jury will be airing on Channel 4 on the 17th July at 3pm!