Being a mum of boys....

If you are a mum of boys one question you will get asked over and over is, "will you try for a girl?" almost everyone I know has asked me that question. People asked me that question as soon as we told them we were expecting another boy! Funny but mums of girls don't get asked nearly as much ;-) It doesn't bother me at all because I ask myself that same question allot!

I never imagined myself with two boys. I would like the say I "knew" Marley was a boy but I think it was more wishful thinking. At the time I desperately wanted a boy and I felt like he was one from the day one. Upon finding that I was right at our 20-week scan I was sure I was fully tuned to my body.

Fast-forward 2 years and I was pregnant with Felix. I had secretly hoped I might be having a girl and my pregnancy was so different I had convinced myself they would tell me I was carrying a pink one at the scan. I was utterly shocked to be told we were having another boy. Shocked and ever so slightly worried!

Marley has always been the life and soul of our life. Since the day he arrived he has been non-stop. He is bubbly, funny, wicked and has energy that knows no bounds. So I wasn't quite sure what life with two of him would be like. I guess I should have known that there could never be two of Marley. He is truly unique as is Felix! Felix has challenged us in many ways but is overall very quiet and very different from his older brother. I think he will be more subdued than Marley but nonetheless I can already see him starting to get into mischief

I've now accepted that my life revolves around a house of men! Cooking, cleaning, working, building train tracks, lining up cars, watching paw patrol, putting the toilet seat down and cleaning up dirty socks. I have a small little area in our bedroom for my makeup and perfume and the rest of the house is full of boy’s things! It is the house of penis! Let me tell you something about boys......when they find their penis at around 4 months of age it will be their best friend for life. You think it's just grown men but it's not. If you are a mum of boys you will forever be telling them to "stop playing with it or it might fall off" I didn't think I would ever use that phrase but sometimes it gets a bit much watching them pulling at it all day long!

All jokes aside though, I wouldn't have it any other way. They are my greatest achievements. Little Boys are so lovely. They are sensitive, loving and they always welcome a snuggle with their mummy!

Will we go again for a girl? I just don't know. We would like another baby and yes a girl would be a lovely addition to our family but medically we have tough decisions to make when considering another. Quietly the thought of a daughter and the things that come with it (girly things!..... someone give me girly things!) is such a lovely idea but knowing my luck we will get twin boys and I will end up living in a house of 5 men ;-)

I don't know if I'm brave enough to do it all again. But what I do know is that I love my boys more than anything in the world and I'm so very very pleased that Felix is Felix. I wouldn't want him any other way!