Milk&Honey Review | Bed Time With Gro-Clock

What is it that all of us mums crave the most? Well I think if we are all honest we just want to get a good nights sleep. My eldest son is 2 and whilst he has always been a brilliant sleeper he is an early riser. We recently transferred him from his cot to a toddler bed and I had hoped that he would then start getting up to play with his toys in the morning. Instead he just shouts for me from his bed at 5am.

I needed to find a way to teach him that he can get up and play with his toys upon waking and then when the clock reaches 6.30am he can call for me. All great in theory but a 2 year old cant tell the time (or at least mine cant) So in a bid to earn myself an extra hour in bed I researched options and stumbled across the Gro-Clock.

I have already used the Gro Company for baby sleeping bags and so I knew they were a safe and reliable brand. The Gro–Clock is a visual aid to help toddlers understand day and night as they learn that they must stay in bed until the image of the night time turns to the sun. Simple right? It actually really is!

The Gro-Clock is very compact and super easy to set up. I am only using this product for night time sleep but it also has a daytime sleep setting if you want to use the same method for your toddlers afternoon nap.

Once you have set the time that you want your child to wake (or at least let you know they are awake) you simply leave it be and activate it when you put them to bed. Immediately you will see that the circular clock face turns blue and shows a moon with stars around it. The stars gradually disappear one by one as it gets closer to morning. Then when your selected time comes around the circular clock face turns yellow and a sun appears on the screen. This is your child’s queue to get up or call for you if they want to.

My son was really excited by his clock. He is still getting used to the concept but he understands that the blue moon is night time and the yellow sun is daytime. He really looks forward to seeing the moon on his clock at bedtime and the sun in the appearing in morning. The clock also has a digital setting visible when the night time setting isn’t activated. This is great for teaching older children to tell the time from a digital clock.

The Gro-Clock comes with a bedtime book that encourages children to stay in bed longer. They certainly know what us parents want! The two products compliment each other wonderfully and I think the Gro Company have done a great job with this idea.

The Gro-Clock retails at £34.99 and at the time of writing this review they have a 12% off your first order discount. Its well worth checking out the other sleep products that they offer whilst you are there too!