Marley & Me Montage

Last week it suddenly dawned on me that I only have a small amount of time left with my little buddy on his own. Baby number 2 was very much planned and is of course very wanted but at the same time it almost feels sad to be letting someone new into our life. Someone that is going to need allot of my attention which therefore means giving Marley less. I don't think I like the thought of that? I know admitting that Im thinking that way makes me an awful mum but I feel strangely protective of Marley and how he will cope with the new arrival.

Marley has been the best little friend I could have asked for. We have spent almost everyday together for nearly two years. We have had so many adventures, so many highs and of course some lows. Now we need to prepare to allow a new little friend into our life and into our adventures. Things will change but I hope that over the next couple of months I can really enjoy some time doing special things with my gorgeous boy and add some wonderful memories to the amazing ones we already have.

For now here is a little look back on 2 years with my favourite small person. Love you lots Marley xxxx

Thanks for watching! x