2016 looking back and looking forward

2016 has been a strange year for me. Mostly filled with Joy but partly taken up with some of my greatest challenges yet. It has most definitely changed me as a person and its made me look at life in a different way. I can't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing but I suspect that taking a step back and looking at things differently can never be bad.

2016 saw us find out we were expecting baby number 2. I took on a social media course and qualified as a social media manager. I watched my beautiful sister in law get married and took Marley on his first holiday abroad.

I watched my chubby baby boy turn into a crazy toddler this year. This transition has shown me just how hard motherhood can be. It has challenged me in ways that surprised me and it has made me see that I'm not as calm as I thought I was. It's also brought me some of the most joyous and hilarious moments of the year and of my life.

The end of 2016 made me a mum of two as we welcomed little Felix into this world. His arrival followed a turbulent pregnancy and his start in life has been a difficult one. There were times I didn't think he would be with us for the start of a new year but as the months have passed he has grown stronger and his personality has appeared. Felix's arrival made me see that life is fragile and everything can change in a single moment. We owe his life to the staff at East Surrey hospital and I cant thank them enough. With Felix came the joy of watching Marley become a big brother. He has been so kind and gentle towards his baby brother and it makes me so proud watching him each day.

My blog is something I wanted to heavily focus on this year but has been totally neglected over the past few months. Partly because I'm learning to adjust to life with two small humans relying on me but also because I haven't felt like anything in my life is funny. This page is supposed to bring a smile to your faces and make you laugh yet I've struggled to see the funny side to most things and so trying to write blogs has been really hard. I will touch on this area more in the New Year because I think it's important to talk about, but for now I'm starting to make exciting plans for my blog and social media platforms ready for 2017. Things are starting to become funny again and to me thats a sign that life is getting back to some kind of normal.

I hope that 2017 will have good things in store for us. Marley will make another transition from toddler to a little boy and Felix will change from a baby to a toddler. I won't be spending half of my time at East Surrey Hospital and I hope that we can enjoy the next 12 months as a family of four. One thing is for sure......there will be no more babies for us in 2017!


The Guilty Mummy xxx