Bumpdate 33 weeks. Don't come out yet!!

33 Weeks and for the most part the week has been a breeze! I had a great consultant appointment where I got the news that if all my checks go well over the next few weeks they will let me go up to my due date. As most of you know I am TERRIFIED of being induced so this was such wonderful news. It definitely feels like when you are high risk all of your “options” get taken away from you. This is of course for the safety of the baby which I completely understand but it can also be very scary, especially if you have a fear of labour etc. So all being well I will be able to let my body do its thing and avoid being induced…which might not be as hard as I thought….. On Friday I started to feel really uncomfortable and a few things led me to call the maternity unit. They asked me to go up to Labour & Delivery to get checked over. Luckily baby was doing really well but it is definitely showing signs of wanting to make an appearance sooner rather later. Not right now but not long term either. I have been told to rest as much as possible……because thats so easy with a toddler right?!?! At 33 weeks we still need to keep this baby cooking for as long as possible. It felt very strange sitting in a room with all the baby equipment around me. It brought back very strong memories of my labour with Marley and quite frankly terrified the life out of me. My husband was not able to be there as it was a night time dash to the hospital and Marley needed seeing too so I think that increased my fears.

Luckily the midwife who was looking after me took a keen interest in my past labour and my medical situation with this baby. I told her my fears of being induced and being strapped to a bed with monitors on for the whole time. I told her how I had hoped I could be mobile and move around more in this labour and how I really wanted to use the pool for pain relief. I had previously been told that all of the above was an absolute no go for this birth.

When she was happy to me to go home she took me to see a room that she thought would be good for me to labour in. Its a high risk, low risk room. They only have one and it means that high risk ladies can be monitored wirelessly meaning that you can move around and even get in the water. She has written a note for my consultant to read next time I see him and if he gives consent then I can use that room in labour. What had started as a really scary evening turned into an evening that actually filled me with reassurance. The midwife who looked after me was so caring and calm. She talked everything through with me and even took the time to show me that I DO have options. Labour ward was really busy with people actually having their babies and she still took time to try and help me. Of course yesterday I didn't “rest” and by the evening everything had kicked off again along with the problem in my stomach which decided to make a surprise appearence… yay! I spent all of last night feeling awful and am now wiped out today. I’m trying to work out how I can “rest” during the week for the next 6 weeks with my crazy boy running riot. I’m not sure thats going to happen! So I think my body will just have to do its thing. I have been fighting a battle to NOT be induced and do what I think is best for this baby yet when I have nights like last night it occurs to me that maybe its just a silly battle to fight and maybe I should let them get the baby out early? I could reduce the possible 6 weeks of being in pain down to 3 or 4. So the question is will this baby come early naturally, will it come early through force or will I get my wish and go till the end? Watch this space……After all this I will probably be sitting her at 40 weeks typing a GET OUT OF ME NOW POST!