I will still always love you (To my husband)

To my Husband, I’m getting tired now but don't forget how much I love you. Things are going to change again soon and just like with Marley I feel that I should be spending more quality time with you too. I’m sorry we don't get a chance to do that more often. I’m sorry that I am always tired and I’m sorry that you find me grumpy. This isn't because I don't love you because I REALLY do….I really do. Its just that when you have a giant football stuck to your front and a 1 year old to chase after anything that is not “essential” become less of a priority. That means you sometimes but I will still always love you. I’m sorry that I am trying to make you change your ways. I am sorry that I am shouting a bit louder and encouraging you to put your dirty washing INSIDE the washing basket. I know it takes a bit more effort on your part and I’m not being cruel. I just want to prepare you to be a bit more mindful for when the baby arrives…..after all its unlikely that I will have the time to pick up clothes for 3 members of the family and as you are the oldest you will need to start putting yours in the laundry bin yourself. You are still my 1st love of the three of you and I will try not to rush you (but please start doing this as soon as possible) I’m sorry that my tummy makes it difficult for me to cuddle you and I’m sorry that I always have to ask you to pull me up off the sofa. I know I’m anything but sexy right now but just remember I am growing your child ;-) In some ways it feels like we never have any “alone” time because we have a baby elephant between us but this will all change again soon. Soon we will be thrown into those sleepy, dazed days and nights of taking care of a newborn. THIS time its going to be really different because we will have our dear little Marley to keep us on our toes. No afternoon napping, no gazing at the new baby for hours on end. The one thing that I hope wont change is us. The real us that will be hidden below dirty nappies, sleepless nights and two children. When Marley arrived we were such a team (and we still are). If it wasn't for you I couldn’t have got through labour and the first few weeks of adjusting to a newborn. We make a great team and it seems to me that when we are faced with a challenge or something new we become even stronger. I hope we continue to do that. When I look at you & Marley I feel so loved. How often is it in life that you can say you have TWO people who make you feel truly special and complete? How often is it that you can say with your hand on your heart that you couldn't feel MORE loved? Thats how I feel with you and Marley and I hope that we make you feel that way too. I hope you know how loved you are and I hope you know that this new addition is only going to add to that love. So to my husband, know that I love you and I’m here for you even as things change again. I dont really think you are a wanker and your XFactor voice is quite good really…….just annoying xxx