5 Joys of pregnancy.....

Before I start this post about the "joys" of pregnancy I want to highlight that I am really VERY grateful to be pregnant. This pregnancy follows a loss last year and the journey to get to the point that we are at today seems like a huge achievement. This is our little rainbow baby and I can't wait to hold it in my arms very soon. But let's be honest and realistic.....pregnancy can be pretty horrendous at times. It doesn't matter if you have experienced a loss, or if it has taken you a long time to fall pregnant, you still have the right to feel like shit at points during your pregnancy. Some people sail through pregnancy and some people don't. My sister in law carried triplets to 33 weeks and looked graceful and beautiful for every second of it. She didn't complain and looked the picture of health for the whole of her very high risk pregnancy.....she carries babies incredibly well. I on the other hand am not like that at all. I'm constantly browsing fashion tips on Pintrest to look for ways to look better.......who are these beautiful women and how do they look like this whilst heavily pregnant? I just can't get the look and I just don't feel glowing in any respect.

So without further a do here are my top 5 pregnancy “joys” HORMONES I know this doesn't apply to every pregnant lady but I find that I have a very short fuse when I’m pregnant. Ordinarily I am very laid back and calm type of person. I will always shy away from confrontation and let things go pretty easily. When I am pregnant I am the polar opposite. The smallest of things annoy me. Just the way people are queuing in the supermarket or the way a waiter takes my order can rub me up the wrong way. My poor husband claims that he is scared of me whilst I am pregnant (although he still continues to do things that he knows will wind me up so I don't think he is that scared) I know allot of women cry at the drop of a hat whilst pregnant…I wish I had that problem and not the crazy bitch effect! We can only blame hormones though right? BLADDER CONTROL When you get towards the end of your second trimester and the beginning of your third you notice that your bladder control becomes weaker. Actions such as laughing and sneezing can catch you off guard and you find yourself running to the bathroom to sort yourself out at a moments notice. This can be avoided by doing your daily pelvic floor exercises from day 1 but if you are a busy mum then the chances are you have forgotten about these exercises until it's too late and you have wet yourself whilst laughing at a really funny joke during a family lunch......Ben tried making me laugh whilst tying to take my bump picture a couple of days ago and I would say this picture pretty much sums up my desperation not to wet myself on our new decking.

MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS As you get further into your third trimester certain tasks become really difficult. Things like picking items up off the floor can be such an effort that allot of the time I don't even bother anymore. The risk of getting stuck mid bend is so likely that it hardly seems worth it. What are a few squashed grapes on the floor anyway? There is also the chance that some gas may be released during a particularly difficult bend. Its just not fun for anyone to be around you in that situation…..

This week I got stuck in the bath. When I was pregnant with Marley we lived at a different house. The bath in that house had a handle on the inside of the tub. Perfect for a large beached whale trying to get out of water. Apparently the new bath does not have a mobility handle. I had never noticed that it didn't have one until this week when I found myself slipping and sliding around the bath unable to actually lift myself out and wondering how I used to do it before. I’m not sure if the inability to pull myself out is due to my size or the fact that your stomach muscles tear apart during pregnancy (isnt that nice) but either way it was very embarrassing and I now have to be careful about how far I let myself relax in the bath. KEEPING YOURSELF TIDY Every women wants to feel sexy even when they are pregnant. This is pretty easy to achieve in trimesters 1 and 2 but when you get to the third it can be quite challenging. Anything that needs “preening” from the waist down basically has to go left untouched until the baby arrives. It can take some time to accept this is the case before giving up…..I spent allot of last week bending, and twisting desperately trying to sort certain areas out. Really unless you can pay to have someone else do it (lucky them) then you have to accept you will be a yeti with chipped nails until you are home from hospital. I can only assume I paid for pedicures and waxing last time round as I always felt perfectly preened and tidy and I was pretty impressed that everything was in order when I was admitted into hospital. This time round I’m a stay at home mum so I don't have the funds lying around to treat myself to those luxuries. Apologies in advance to whichever midwife gets me in 8 weeks time!


Sleep can be an absolute nightmare from around week 25 of pregnancy. Especially if like me your natural sleeping position is on your tummy. Your not supposed to sleep on your tummy, on your back and some people even say you shouldnt sleep on your right side? If you are also heavily pregnant in the summer time (during a heatwave) it makes sleeping even more difficult. There are lots of great pregnancy pillows that are available and can help aid sleep but I have never found them to be very useful. The only way I can get vaguely comfortable in this heat with a giant football stuck to my stomach is to have a cold bath before bed, wet my hair with cold water and lie naked on the bed with a fan blowing directly onto me all night. I hope I havent brought a scary vision to you all. My husband doesnt find this night time ritual at all appealing and spends each night shivering under the duvet because the fan is blowing on him aswell and of course he is not pregnant so does not feel like a furnace. I wish I cared but I have absolutley no sympathy ...especially considering that he is the one who got me into this predicament and he lies there sleeping soundly whilst snoring in my face all night.

So I think the above covers the top 5 things that I just LOVE about pregnancy. What were your pregnancy struggles? Did you enjoy every minute of being pregnant? Were you ever scared to admit that you didnt really LOVE being pregnant? Share your stories as I love reading them.

The Guilty Mummy xx