My top 5 baby must haves

As the arrival of baby number 2 comes closer I have had to think about whether we need any new equipment and whether we need to replace anything. The great thing with baby number 2 is that there isn't that much you need to get as most of the equipment will already be in your house. You also learn which items were a total waste of time last time and which items you wished you had brought. So here are my top 5 must have items! Some I already have and some I still need to get just to make life that little bit easier! 1. MAM BOTTLE

MAM was a life saving brand for us. After unsuccessfully being able to feed Marley myself we moved onto the bottle. We tried several brands but he either didn't like them or got very windy on them. My sister in law suggested that we try one of her MAM bottles and it was fantastic. They have great teats that are easy for baby to feed from and they are also anti colic. I know lots of bottles claim to be anti colic but these really do work (or at least they did for us) MAM bottles are also self sterilising so you can put them in the microwave anywhere and they will sterilise. I would highly recommend them and because we plan to combination feed the new baby I will be buying a new set for baby number 2.



I have already purchased this as I felt that we needed a double buggy for at least the first year. I brought one second hand this time around too. Although Marley will have just turned 2 his little legs do get tired and he isn't quite big enough to use a buggy board without jumping off at every opportunity. I did ALLOT of research into which buggy would be best for us and I liked the Baby Jogger for a few reasons. Firstly it can also be a single so we don't always have to have both seats on if Marley is able to walk or if I want to sling the baby. Its a travel system meaning that we can use our maxi cost car seat with it. Its also known for being one of the more lightweight doubles. I have used it as a single a couple of times and I am really happy with it so I am looking forward to using it as a double soon.


This time round I think I am going to invest in a baby bean bag. There are lots of different brands out there and with most of them coming in around £49.99 I wasn't sure whether I should purchase one however I think that with a crazy toddler running around this will be much easier. Whilst the baby is really small I can strap it into the bean bag and it seems a little safer than leaving it on a mat on the floor with Marley tripping over all the toys. It looks like you could easily pop the bean bag on the sofa, on a table and in the cot so I think that I will be purchasing one of these very soon. 4. EWAN THE DREAM SHEEP

This should have been number 1 on my list. Ewan the dream sheep was fantastic for us. I started putting Marley to bed upstairs in his cot at 6pm from 6 weeks old with his Ewan the Dream Sheep by his side. He was sleeping through from 9 weeks old with no problems. He has slept brilliantly ever since and hasn't had one night without Ewan next to him. The dream sheep basically plays white noise and has several different settings. It also has a glowing red light that mimics the light they would experience in the womb. Sadly this is not an item we can use again as Marley still loves his and we couldn't take it away from him (despite the fact the batteries ran out a few months ago and I haven't changed them) so we will be buying a brand new Ewan for baby number 2. It used to only come in Purple which I found strange but they now sell him in a Grey which I will get this time. 5. VIDEO BABY MONITOR

So this time round I have decided to get a video monitor. Not because I am an overly cautious mum but because I often find myself running upstairs to check on Marley and he is always fine. From a laziness point of view it would be great to glance over and see both of them (I hear you can get ones that have cameras for each room) We do also plan on starting a bedtime routine at 6 weeks again and it would be nice to keep an eye on the little one during the evening. I haven't picked one so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So there you have it! My 5 baby must haves list. I am quite sure we will have lots of tiny bits to get but those are the big ones for baby number 2. What were your best baby buys?