My Guilty Mummy journey. Anything can happen....

When I started my Guilty Mummy blog and social media pages it was as a way to document my journey with Marley and hopefully share the joys and struggles of being a stay at home mum with other parents. It was around this time I noticed that I was really lacking self confidence post baby. I hoped that this blog would help to bring me out of that fog. After all I'm sure lots of mums would agree that going from the hustle & bustle of working life to being thrown into life with a new baby can be quite a life adjustment! You go from Lattes and going to meetings about meetings to Nappies, reflux and cold cups of tea! It's a change that I loved (and still do) but if I am completly honest it knocked me for six at the time. Several people laughed at me for starting this blog. People told me it was a silly idea and a pointless use of my energy. At that time it didn't really matter what they said because what DID matter was that I was taking charge and making a decision (all be it a scary one at the time) to share my thoughts and feelings with the world. The blog got quite a good response and this spurred me on apply for a course at Digital Mums. I got in, passed my course and I'm now a Freelance Social Media Manager. I never thought I could do that but I did. It made me realise that I still have a brain in there and I can be a stay at home mum aswell as have my own career and my own independence. My plan between passing my Digital Mums course and having the new baby was to firstly prepare for baby and spend quality time with Marley. I also wanted to work on this blog. Post more, research interesting articles that I hope could be useful for you all and generally work on The Guilty Mummy brand. Yesterday I was surprised to hear from a big mums name & brand who explained that they would like me to work with them to talk about new baby products and items that are on the market for parents. I'm so very excited about this opportunity and really humbled that they think that The Guilty Mummy is at all interesting! Most of the time I feel utterly boring but somehow my little life is making people laugh and it's getting interest from brands. Come September I will be working with them to hopefully bring you all some useful item reviews and tips on new things that are on the market to make your life that bit easier. Personally I am suprised that Majestic Wine havent contacted me yet as I feel I would do GREAT work for them (come October) and I would be happy to share my wine experiences with you all ;-) So really the two things that I wanted to say are: Thank you to everyone who reads and shares my blog. I love chatting with everyone and having such a strong network of mummies to vent too! I hope I dont bore you all too much! Please always feel free to reccomend posts to me that you think should be shared and to send me your own funny experiences so that I can post those too. We are all in it together after all! Secondly if you are feeling like you are lacking that confidence that you used to have pre baby stop and remember that you CAN do anything! You are capable of anything and your children shouldnt stop you from following your dreams. They will just encourage you to take a slightly different (but often great) path to get there. If you want it, do it! Do it for you and do it for them!


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