28 Weeks bump date....It's all gone Pete Tong!

So this week has been full of more appointments from scans, to consultants and midwifes appointments. My growth scan at the beginning of the week seemed to go well and although baby is still on the small side it is catching up well. This seemed like great news until my midwife appointment where she told me I have Gestational Diabetes. This was a huge shock for me because I'm already on a very restricted diet due to an existing stomach issue . I'm

already off ALL fatty and fried foods and my sugar in take low. We have type 1 Diabetes in our family which is why I was tested and why most likely I have got it this time round. This means I need to measure my blood sugars several times a day and I will most likely be put onto insulin for the rest of my pregnancy.

After this news we saw the consultant to discuss my stomach issue, baby's growth, my pre labour pains AND the Gestational Diabetes. It's safe to say that I'm now utterly fed up and feeling like a huge failure. I can't help but feel my baby would be safer out that in as my body just doesn't seem to be doing its job this time around. The consultant reeled off all the risks that Diabetes carries to the baby and on top of all the other risk factors from the other issues it's making me worried and anxious to get this little one cooked and out. Up until now I've taken it all in my stride but this last bit of news seems to have turned me into a grumpy and emotional elephant! I think my poor husband is seriously considering a wife upgrade very soon! (sorry benny) I know women go through far worse during their pregnancies but it still last piece of news seems to be stinging.....

If I don't go into labour on my own then baby will be be induced at 38 weeks which takes us to the beggining of October. This is another thing which is really making me anxious. One because as you all know from my last post I am terrified of labouring again. Marley was induced and I know now how gruelling, painful and lengthily the induction process is. Marley was taken strait away from me and I had hoped that this birth would be calmer and low risk. There is every chance baby may need special care so I don't know whether I will get those immediate cuddles that I had longed for so much. I also feel sad that I will be away from Marley for longer if I'm induced. When it really comes down to it none of what I feel actually matters. The baby needs to come early for its own health and I have to accept that but it's taking me a little while to get myself into that mindset. I still havent done anything about the hypnobirthing either.....whoops!

Aside from the medical issues I'm generally starting to feel bigger and slower as the days go on. Marley is keeping me fit by running rings around me and we are still having lots of summer fun! One of my very good friends who is also pregnant and due the same week as me has just finished school for the summer (she is a teacher not a student) and it's lovely to spend time with her and her little boy who is the same age as Marley. I feel like I've got a partner in crime to get me through the last stretch.

We are still living the cow life with Marleys world (and mine) revolving around everything cows! We are going on a weekly search for the cow parade cows and this week we even managed to find some real ones who took quite a liking to Marley.

It really is the final countdown now with only 9.5 weeks to go if baby stays put until Induction. I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER and I've got absolutely nothing done! This week I WILL prepare for baby Laver. I must remember to start stocking up on wine for when the baby is out too....whohooo!!!

Do you have any good Gestational Diabetes recipes you could share with me?

The Guilty Mummy xx