27 week bumpdate...Labour jitters!

26 week picture as I am yet to take a 27 week one!

My first proper bump update or "bump date" should I say has turned out to be 27 weeks! I'm not sure where that time has gone but at the same time it feels like it's taking SUCH a long time second time round. Despite the fact I feel like a whale and my husband follows me round making a loud beeping noise I'm not actually very big. Everyone keeps telling me I'm small and that's because dear little hashtag (the name for baby number 2 until it has a real one) has been struggling to grow since 20 weeks. We were given this news last month after a routine check turned into 3 days of emergency scans and consultant appointments. There doesn't seem to be an obvious reason for a decline in growth.....it was a shock to both myself and my hubby as my food in take has been at an all time high! Apparently that doesn't make a bit of difference and the babys growth is out of our control. Baby will grow or baby won't grow.....it's as simple as that. Next week we will look in on hashtag again and see where we are at. Hopefully the sun has helped and we will be back on track. I feel like I've grown and my family and friends say I have but I don't know if I really have or if they are trying to make me feel better. Either way it feels like an uncertain time and I really hope we have some good news next week.

Our tiny one at my emergency growth scan 3 weeks ago. Weighing in at just under 1lb.

This pregnancy is VERY different from Marley. Aside from the fact I'm smaller and baby is smaller it's overall a much quieter baby. Marley would kick 24/7 and have me up all night with jabs and movements. This little one wriggles a bit here and there but doesn't usually hold all night raves. My placenta is Anteria this time too which I hear affects feeling movements but I do feel this baby is less active anyway. Marley is a totally crazy boy so maybe this is a sign that hashtag will be a quiet addition to our noisy family? I'm also starting to get exhausted earlier on this time around! I think that this must be because I am running around after a 1 year old and the heat has been horrible. I can feel myself slowing down already which is frustrating when it feels like there is so much to do. As I'm approaching the 30 week mark and there is every chance this little bambino will be early I really feel like I need to get organised. I haven't done ANYTHING to prepare for this baby and so over the next few weeks I need to get my bum into gear and dig out all the baby stuff. I feel like I've forgotten everything. What does a newborn need? How do I pump? How do I swaddle? How often does a newborn eat? I need to sort a nursery for this baby and turn Marleys room into a big boys room. I need to think about my hospital bag and baby's hospital bag.....what do you even pack? I've forgotten everything......almost everything... The one thing I have NOT forgotten is my birthing experience with Marley. It was long, traumatic and there was allot of medical intervention. It's everything I didn't want for my labour and I'm so scared it will happen again. My midwife has reassured me this time will be better and has suggested hypno birthing would be very beneficial to keep me calm. It's something I should have started looking into at 20 weeks and it slipped my mind along with everything else. Has anyone tried hypno birthing? If so please please leave me some comments as I would love to know how you got on and get some advice! I don't think I will have time to take a course now but maybe I could get a CD and book and teach myself? I'm already panicking about going into labour and I would really like it to be a calm experience.

The Guilty Mummy xx