Seeing various news articles that judged Victoria Beckham for kissing her little girl on the lips last week made me incredibly sad. Firstly my heart breaks for her. The poor women was doing the most natural thing in the world by showing her little girl a beautiful act of affection. To then be told you are a lesbian and a bad mother must be crushing whether you are used to media criticism or not.

The thing that is incredibly scary is that there is a very clear divide in opinion on this subject and to me that is terrifying! How is it that we now live in a world whereby you cannot kiss your own child on the lips without being judged? How is it now deemed a sexual act?

I kiss my son on the lips daily and I will continue to do so for as long as he will let me. My husband kisses him on the lips and so do his Grandparents and that will also continue. I plan on teaching him that affection is a healthy and beautiful way to show people how much you love and care about them.

So here is my picture of support to Victoria Beckham. If you agree then share this post with the ‪#‎realkisses‬ and a picture (if you feel comfortable to do so) and let's stop this nonsense. #realkisses