My lovely, bubbly, smiley 18 month old son is entering the terrible two’s….at least I really hope this is the terrible twos because when he actually turns 2 we will have a newborn and surely it cant get worse than this! This sweet child of mine has reduced me to tears, laughter and anger over the last month or two. This combined with pregnancy hormones and sickness has been a recipe for disaster yet at the same time it has been fascinating to watch. Such a big change in such a small human! There have however been several times that through the despair and desperation me and my husband have been infected with fits of laughter at the tantrum that is unfolding in front of us. Sometimes because the reasoning is just so funny and sometimes because it's so shocking there is nothing else to do but laugh! So here are Marley's Top 5 Tantrums to date! THE PEA (The funniest and most extreme tantrum yet) My son despises Peas. Everyday I put them on his plate (with other items that he does like) in a bid to get him to eat a few. Whoever said it takes 15 times for them to like something is a liar because we must be on day 60 at least and he still wont eat a bloody pea! This day was no different….Once he had eaten his fish fingers and potatoes his peas were forcefully thrown on the floor and lunchtime was over. I cleared all the peas up and got Marley down from the table. A few minutes later he toddled over and offered me a stray pea that he had found on the floor. He passed it to me and so I said thank you and made my way to the bin where I put the pea. Did you see my very obvious mistake? I put the pea IN THE BIN! Apparently Marley wont eat peas but he loves having them around him and seeing me put his stray pea into the bin sent him into a complete meltdown. He stood next to the bin screaming for 20 minutes and begging for me to find the pea. I took a quick look and deliberated whether I should find the pea but decided we would see the tantrum out instead. Its safe to say that all peas are now placed in the bin after bedtime.

CROCS & WELLIES (and shoes in general) Marley now has a pair of mini crocs and wellies (It's so cute) He loves being outside so these seemed like fitting items of footwear for muddy puddles and playing in the garden. Marley was thrilled with both of these items……I’m noticing a theme as I’m writing….he is really easily pleased with simple things…peas, wellies and crocs? Oh dear! Anyway ever since we have had his Wellies and Crocs he feels the need to wear them at ALL times inside or out. He even needs to wear them over his pyjamas! If you try to remove them to put regular shoes on he will scream and kick and arch his back until I stop. He doesn't understand why his regular shoes cant be placed over the top of his wellies and crocs. The other day I found him trying to put my shoes on over his wellies! He is also very happy to wear adults shoes as alternative to his regular shoes. Sometimes it takes us half an hour to leave the house because of this footwear battle so any tips would be much appreciated!

MUDDY BLOODY PUDDLES “If you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots” thanks for that Pepper! My son is obsessed with puddles so maybe thats why is obsessed with wearing his boots…..just in case a puddle miraculously appears in our kitchen or living room! Puddles are Marley's favourite past time. Its rained a fair bit recently so there are quite a few to choose from…..maybe 1 puddle every 5 steps or so when you are out and about. I know this because my son will stand and splash in EVERY PUDDLE he see’s. When I try to remove him from the puddle he screams and throws himself on the floor, passers by stare and I find myself encouraging him to “just to walk to the next puddle” so we are at least a few steps further before we do it all again. Personally I think that there are two people to blame for this……Granny & Grandma. They are SO much fun…Marley can jump in one puddle for 2 hours if he likes. My mum recently came with us to a hospital appointment so she could watch Marley. We left her with Marley in the car park and told her we would meet her in the cafe after my appointment. We waited for a while for the appointment and then had the appointment and then headed to the cafe. We couldn't find mum or Marley so we called her mobile. She was STILL in the car park playing in the SAME bloody puddle that we left them in. She had enjoyed herself very much. Just like Granny will jump WITH Marley in the puddles. They put me to shame really….but i’m tired, pregnant and really not into puddles so I am sure the tantrums will continue until he moves onto his next phase!

CLOTHES “I DO IT” “I DO IT” We have now hit that “I want to do everything myself stage” This is especially apparent with clothing and nappy changes. Marley doesn't want me to help him and I think that its great because he is learning to become independent and he is trying to do things himself. But….he cant do it bless him. He doesn't have the fine motor skills to dress himself and he most definitely cant change his nappy himself. When I do eventually have to step into help him with these tasks he goes bonkers. He will throw himself on the floor and arch his back, tears will stream down his face, he screams NO MAMA and hits out at me. This leads to me having to physically pin him down with my foot whilst I’m thrashing around trying to get a t-shirt or jeans on him. Before anyone leaves comments saying that I am damaging him mentally by forcefully pinning him down instead of letting him do it by himself I would like to highlight that it is nor the time of year or the weather to allow him to walk around with a nappy half on, socks on his hands and a vest as a hat. I will continue to help him and encourage him but I will also force him to let me dress him until he can do so properly himself.

FOOD I am having such a battle with food. Marley is a little pickle when it comes to eating anything that I make. He has recently decided that he wont let me feed him ANYTHING (even Ella's) so he now feeds himself 90% of the time too (which is fine but some things he needs help with) I have tried everything from getting him down if he doesn't eat his first course, to giving in and letting him eat what he wants. I’ve tried distraction, being over the top happy, dancing, putting pepper on, discipline and eating with him. NONE of it works. Almost every day I end up covered in his tea (he will grab the bowl and throw it at me) or we both end up in tears and my poor husband comes in after work wondering whats going on. I got so desperate the other day that I told my husband we were going to get a child eating person…what are they even called…do they even exist??? to help. He laughed, I cried and then we suddenly had a breakthrough so this week hasn't been so bad but I’m so passed toddlers and food!

So there we have it. Marley latest meltdown triggers. I know that its just a phase and that these tantrums are actually really upsetting for him too but my goodness don't they just come out of no where? People always tell me I’m doing a great job with Marley but half the time I really feel that I don't have a clue what I’m doing. I’m winging it! What are your child's funniest/most outrageous tantrums? Please share ;-)

The Guilty Mummy xxx