How to survive pregnancy sickness

Some people sail through their first trimester barely noticing that they are pregnant and some people (like me) know almost instantly due to the cloud of nausea that descends on them! If you have ever suffered from severe morning sickness then you will know how it can make the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy feel like an eternity. Firstly let me start by saying that whoever invented the phrase “morning sickness” was very clearly uneducated in this area and very possibly a man. Most “morning sickness” actually occurs at different times of the day and if you are unlucky like me its lasts all day and all night. I am now entering my second trimester and I weigh less than I did when I fell pregnant. Last night I made the stupid mistake of uttering the words “I think I’m starting to feel a bit better” to my husband. The pregnancy gods clearly thought that I was getting a little ahead of myself and so proceeded to give me horrible sickness ALL night. So I thought that today, whilst I am still in the fog of no sleep and horrible nausea I would list out some things that have and haven't helped my nausea over the last 3 months! I have searched high and low for the magic solution and I am pretty certain I have tried EVERYTHING! So here we go! EATING REGULARLY The last thing you want to do when you feel sick is eat but you will find that the emptier your stomach becomes the worse the nausea gets. Trying to eat little and often did help take the edge off for me. Dry plain food tends to work best. Don't worry about baby not getting enough nutrients if you are only eating basic food. It can stock up on these when you are feeling better and your pregnancy vitamins will provide nutrients too. GINGER AND PEPPERMINT Everyone says that Ginger, in any form whether that be raw, biscuits, or in tea form is great for nausea. Peppermint is also supposed to be a really gentle way to soothe the tummy. These are two items that I used allot when I “thought” I had terrible sickness with my son. Since then both of these remind me of feeling sick so I haven't used them this pregnancy but certainly give them a go if you can stomach them. GET UP SLOWLY I read that getting up slowly and having a leisurely start to you're morning can really help the sickness. I would say I have managed to try this method a few times and yes it did work but realistically when you have a toddler that is waking from nightmares at 2am, or screaming to get out of bed at 6am the reality is not so easy. I usually end up darting out of bed half clothed with the room spinning around me. SNIFF LEMONS They smelt really nice and it was one smell that didn't make me want to throw up……but sadly it didn't stop the nausea :-( PREGGY POP DROPS I didn't actually try the preggy pop drops because I thought they were insanely expensive for what seem to just be sour boiled sweets? If you have tried them then please let me know your thoughts! Instead I brought Simpkins Citrus Lemon and Sour cherry travel sweets. Again they didn't stop the nausea but they did take the edge off if I was trying to visit a friend whilst concealing my sickness or get on with something important.

CUT OUT SUGAR AND FATS....except the boiled sweets above ;-) Apparently cutting out sugar and fats helps allot. I haven't wanted anything fatty (aside from KFC which I think about a minimum of twice a day) so I cant really say whether it works or not but some people swear by it. CUT OUT SCENT TRIGGERS I found myself unable to spray any perfume on myself and I really struggled to tolerate my husbands aftershaves. I have only been able to start tolerating those smells again this week. Even the smell of our house was making me sick. If you can find a particular scent which helps then stick to that (this maybe the time to carry the lemon around with you) CBEEBIES, PEPPER AND FROZEN WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND With baby number one it is allot easier to take things easy, call in sick or rest up when you are not at work. With baby number 2 the harsh reality dawns on you that you are not going to get any rest, you cant call in sick and regardless of whether you feel like a zombie you HAVE TO carry on and push past the sickness. I have felt so much guilt that I have not been able to take Marley out and about as much as usual but I think he has been happy with the increase in TV allowance! As much as Pepper Pig drives me insane she has most certainly been my saviour since January and for that Pepper I salute you! AND FINALLY….. Regardless of swearing to myself back in January that I WOULD be the first person to crack the pregnancy sickness puzzle I didn't manage it. I have sought high and low for natural solutions and whilst some helped I really didn't find one that took it away completely. If you have very bad pregnancy nausea then you can go to the doctor and they will prescribe you anti sickness drugs. I am unable to take these because of some other medication I am on but if they had of let me I would have taken it in a shot! Please let me know if you have had the same or similar to me and let me know what you think helped you!

The Guilty Mummy xxxx