And then there were four.....

Hello again Guilty Mummy's!

I'm sorry for the radio silence that has filled this blog for the last few months. My world has been filled with so much change that I've not really had allot of time to's also been hard to write because the very thing that has consumed me for the last 12 weeks has been a secret. A secret I'm excited to now finally share with you all.

Our little family of three is becoming four! The journey up to this point has NOT been smooth sailing and couldn't be more different from my pregnancy with Marley (aside from the fact it's due on his birthday! Whoops!) I've been suffering from the most horrible all day nausea since week 5 and we have had a couple of scares that have caused us to be in an out of the Early Pregnancy Unit. This baby has been misbehaving from the very start but following a healthy 12 week scan yesterday we feel confident that we can share our news with you all.

I have a range of emotions surging through me this time round (my husband would certainly agree with that statement) I'm excited, grateful, anxious and nervous for so many reasons. I'm starting a new career from home with a baby on the way and a toddler who is quickly approaching the terrible two's! This pregnancy is not forecast to be trouble free due to some medical issues and if I'm being totally honest I'm absolutely terrified of having to go through labour again in 6 months time! It's going to be a journey and a challenge but it's one I'm very ready to take on. I'm SO excited at the prospect of holding this new member of our family in my arms and giving Marley a baby brother or sister. He has absolutely no idea what's going on and looks very perplexed each time I tell him there is a baby in my tummy. Who knows if this baby will be boy or girl? (I'm thinking boy) Middle child or baby of the family? All I know is we love it so much already and can't wait to become a family of four. I promise to start writing again and will be posting pregnancy updates along the way aswell as tips! First being how to deal with morning or all day pregnancy sickness! I haven't cracked it yet but I've most certainly picked up some things that help a little!