Toddlers letter of written warning!!

WRITTEN WARNING DATED: 19th January 2016






Date and Time of Offence (s): Since the 1st January 2016


I am writing to give you both your first official written warning. As your son I employ you to make sure I am cared for with the highest level of professionalism. In previous months you have (at times) tried to change the rules and enforce authority on me and I have taken these actions lightly with the view that you only do it now and again and the overall care I receive is fantastic. However since the start of 2016 I have seen a change in both of you and I am not willing to allow it to progress further.

During the christmas break I heard you both plotting ways in which you could “reign me in” and whilst I was not entirely sure what this meant I was confident that my sweet smile and love for you both would change your minds. Unfortunately this has not happened and you are both standing strong. It is for this reason that I am issuing this warning. Please find a list of my concerns below.

1. Food

At the beginning of my solid food journey I ate whatever you gave me. After all we were still getting to know each other and its only polite however when you started to feed me your homemade food regularly I really could not carry on being polite. You have consistently offered me foods I do not like however upon making my feelings clear you have given up and given me what I want. Since the 1st January you have stopped giving me options and you remove me from the highchair without tea. This is completely unacceptable. Firstly no one should be made to eat your homemade food and secondly you know I cant function without my chocolate biscotti after my main meal. I have also noticed that you are regularly asking me to try new foods. I am perfectly happy living on fish fingers and bananas and I don't feel the need to explore more foods at this time. It also doesn't make a blind bit of difference if you put my food onto the orange plates with 3 different holes. I still don't like it and even if your toddler books say it will work it really wont. For this to be resolved one of us has to break and it wont be me. I will continue to throw my plate on the floor and gag my food up for as long it takes.

2. You make me angry!

I think that you and daddy may have noticed that I am going through a pretty difficult time in my life right now. Everything is very frustrating. I understand what you are saying to me but I cant communicate back. I know what I want to build....but I cant seem to build it like you and daddy.

When you tell me no or when you take my toys away for being naughty it makes me REALLY angry. I know in the past I have just whimpered a bit but that didn't seem to be doing the trick so in order to get you to listen to me I have started throwing what you call “tantrums” These episodes are specifically designed to teach you a lesson and to make you realise that I should be able to have or do whatever I want. I know you don't find these episodes first you both reacted incredibly well by trying to calm me down and eventually giving in to my every fact the panic on mummy's face was priceless.

Now your tactics have changed and you do one of two things. You either laugh at me (daddy you are the main culprit for this) or you stand your ground and remove me from the room until I have calmed down. Have you not realised that this is not a productive way to deal with the situation? Especially since you are the ones that made me angry! Mummy I know you don't enjoy it because I saw you have a mini “tantrum” yourself and tell daddy that you couldn't cope with the constant screaming. Maybe I should take your evening glass of wine away in response and see how you feel.

From here on I expect you to start making more of an effort to ensure that I don't get so angry.

3. Nappy Changing

I am sure you have noticed that since the age of 9 months I have not enjoyed having my nappy changed. As I became stronger you allowed me to watch my favourite videos on your phone whilst you changed me which at least made it a little more bearable. Recently you have taken this vice away from me. You keep telling me that I need to learn to do what I am told without bribery. I have tried kicking harder, squeezing more tears out and showing you I am learning words by shouting no but none of these have made you understand that I mean serious business. If you want me to put up with nappy changes I will need to be able to watch my videos again.

4. Household Items

I really enjoy using the household items like you do. Up until recently you have encouraged me to “help” you with tasks like the hoovering and dusting. However when I felt I should be allowed to assist with more difficult tasks you have stopped me in my tracks. When I try to remove sharp objects from the dishwasher or use the gas ignition on the oven you tell me NO and lock me in the living room. This is really upsetting and even though I show you my feelings through stamping my feet and squeezing yet more tears out you still persist. I am interested in becoming more involved with the following household chores and appliances and I wish you to take this into consideration:

  • Emptying the dishwasher (including cutlery and glasses not just plastic items)

  • Loading and unloading the washing machine – I would like you to allow me to load and unload the items at least 20 times before you turn the machine on.

  • Making Tea – I would like to be able to put my fingers in your tea so that I can test it. And yes I know its “hot” you have told me on many occasions but I still want to do it

  • I would like to remove my fish fingers from the oven like you do and stick my head in there to see the pretty light. Another hot issue which I do not agree with

  • I would like to remove whatever items I want from the fridge & freezer at any given time

  • Clothes storage. You keep putting my clothes away and each day I have to take every item back out of my bedroom draws and place them across my floor. You are making more work for yourself (and me) so please leave them alone.

Hoovering – I must admit you are good at letting me help with this but the amount of time allocated to hoovering is too short each day. I would like to add that daddy feels that you don't use this machine to its full potential either.

5. Granny & Grandpa saying NO????

Granny Laver and Grandpa Barker are two of my favourite people as you know. I have loved the time I have spent with them over the last 15 months. The reason I enjoy their company so much is because they take lots of time to play with me and my sweet smile seems to win them over and allow me to do most of the things that I want. However recently they have been using the word NO allot. I can only assume they have picked this word up from you considering its frequent use in our household. I am not quite ready to hand a written warning to Granny and Grandpa just yet but I am giving you the task of making sure that they are both spoken to and aware of my thoughts on this matter.

In view of the transgressions described above, this serves as a written warning. This warning is valid for 6 months from date of issue. Please note that should you be found guilty of further or similar offences during this six month period this warning may be considered an aggravating factor and may influence further disciplinary action.

As long as you understand that I am in charge I am sure it will all be fine.

Yours Sincerely

Marley Laver