Milk&Honey Review | BabyBjorn Carrier One Outdoors

I LOVE the idea of carrying my baby around in a carrier, however the harsh reality is I can never find one that works for me! I feel like a fraud when I’m “baby wearing” because I can never get them 100% right.

My first son (now 2) loved the Ergo whereas my second baby (4 months) screamed with the Ergo and the Boba! So when I got the opportunity to review the Baby Bjorn Outdoors I was thrilled.

We decided to break the sling in during our wet and windy trip to Cornwall last week.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Outdoors is a new baby carrier for family’s who love being outdoors. It’s made of water-repellent and moisture-wicking materials and has a pocket and loops for instant access to mobile, water bottle and cuddly toy. Its multiple adjustment options, sturdy waist belt and shoulder straps ensure superior carrying comfort and make it ideal for walking holidays and other outdoor activities with toddlers.

You can use the Baby Carrier One outdoors for newborns all the way through to your munchkins at 3 years old. My 4 month old has just graduated from the newborn setting to the child setting so I didn’t get to use it but I think having a sling that doesn’t require a newborn insert is great. So much easier! You can also carry on your back (for children over 1) which is really useful.

I love that the sling holds baby in the hip safe position. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has tested Baby Carrier Outdoors and acknowledges it to be a “hip-healthy baby carrier”. This means that it provides the correct support to the child’s hips and encourages good hip joint development. This is so important and because of this I’m always nervous about positioning baby correctly. I was relieved to find that the BABYBJÖRN outdoors pretty much does it for you and you don’t need to do much adjusting at all. My baby looked like he was sitting in a comfy chair and his hips were in the correct position immediately.

Putting the carrier on and placing baby in is pretty straight forward. The slide clips to secure baby are easy to unclip and clip back on with one hand. A must when trying to juggle sling and a baby on your own. I found taking the sling off quite difficult whilst wearing a thick coat and scarf though. The back strap doesn’t unclip so it’s like removing a jumper. It’s easy when you aren’t wearing thick clothing, but bearing in mind that it’s a sling specifically made for hiking and outdoor wear it may work better if you could unclip the back straps to remove baby.

The carrier also comes with a compact bag (pictured below) which makes it really easy for storing in the car and and home. Its so useful to be able to grab it and go!

Overall I love the Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors. It looks good, it’s comfortable, it’s mostly easy to fit and secures baby wonderfully. I’m looking forward to using it lots more!

The Baby Bjorn Carrier One Outdoors retails at £184.99 and is available in black and turquoise at