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Megan Laver

Wife, Mum, Blogger & Freelance Social Media Manager.

Mum to my two wonderful boys Marley and Felix. Marley age 3 and Felix age 1.


Before my sons arrived I worked in the Travel Industry as a Business Development Manager and Wedding Coordinator. I have a huge passion for travel but now that my boys are here I am enjoying the joys and struggles of being a stay at home mum, wife. blogger and Freelance social media manager. I am also a Netmums influencer, reveiwer at Milk&Honey and a contributer at Channel Mum and MumsNet. There is never a quiet moment in our household but when I do get some me time I enjoy cooking, blogging and drinking wine!


Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that you enjoy being part of my journey.

Love Meg x